Events For 04/21/2019

10am-noon Sun. Apr. 21


Amazing Grace Bakery & Cafe 394 Lake Ave. S., Duluth

1-6pm Sun. Apr. 21

Earth Day/Spring/Easter video celebration

A variety of videos exploring the majesty and mystery of Earth will be shown. 1 p.m. Our Planet with David Attenborough 2 p.m. Earth from Space (The intricate tapestry of our atmosphere and oceans as revealed by satellites.) 4 p.m. Blue Planet II, Big Blue (our Oceans and plastic.) with David Attenborough 5 p.m. Thunderbolts of the Gods (The electric model of creation and evolution.) Offered by Deep Waters Forum and People for Pollution Solutions.

Washburn Public Library 307 Washington Ave., Washburn

Cost: Free

1pm Sun. Apr. 21

Briand Morrison

Ursa Minor Brewing 2415 W. Superior St. Suite B, Duluth

5-8pm Sun. Apr. 21

Open Mic Night

Amazing Grace Bakery & Cafe 394 Lake Ave. S., Duluth

Cost: Free

Age: All Ages

5pm Sun. Apr. 21

Ten Crow Moon

Sir Benedict's Tavern 805 E. Superior St., Duluth