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Robert Boone

A Big Thank You To Everyone Who Helped

Bernie Sanders Rally

Robert Boone

“No president can do what needs to be done unless there is a political revolution.” Bernie Sanders

Steering the Steering Committee

Robert Boone

 ? Upon reading this week’s cover story, it’s possible that people will be dismayed at the Machiavellian maneuverings of Mayor Ness’s administration as to the future of Duluth’s ?downtown library.  While it is fair to be concerned, a greater benefit

More School Board Fun & Games

Robert Boone

The fun and games with the Duluth School District continued on Tuesday, December 2nd

Super Dispute

Robert Boone

Liquor laws in the region are an odd mishmash of regulations, with a variety of implications. In Superior, it is required that you have a bar and lounge in order to have a liquor store, a law clearly designed decades ago to protect local shopkeepers

Dysfunctional and Mean-Spirited...

Robert Boone

“During our April DPA principal’s meeting Bill Gronseth asked Cheryl Lien did she find anyone to run against Art Johnston. He was very adamant about having you removed from your board seat. Cheryl stated that she had a person named Dave to run agains

Ancient Ground Round restaurant discovered.

Robert Boone

Remains of an ancient Ground Round restaurant was discovered in the Panera Bread parking lot Tuesday. City of Duluth Comfort System workers uncovered the prehistoric restaurant

Best of the Northland 2013 Reader Poll - RESULTS!

Paul Whyte, Robert Boone, Carol George

As another year passes, the annual Reader’s Choice awards tradition continues. For 16 years you, the above average readers of the Northland’s finest newsweekly have devoted oodles of hours providing us with the lowdown on the finest of the Northland.

Drug Wars: Episode 3

Robert Boone, Paul Whyte

It has been a wild ride for Jim Carlson and anyone who has worked at Last Place On Earth (LPOE) in the past few years. Tensions between the head shop located in the middle of old downtown Duluth and

Geodesic Dome In Chester Park

Robert Boone

Local grant writer and Chester Park advocate, Barbara Weinstein, recently received word from the Buckminster Fuller Foundation that Chester Bowl will be awarded a grant to build a large glass geodesic dome over much of the park. The dome, which will measure 4372 feet across and 1209 feet at its peak, should be com

Interview with Chief Ramsay

Robert Boone

Reader: Give me your thoughts on equal enforcement of the law? Ramsay: I think that equal enforcement sums it up. Everybody is to be treated the same. No special treatment. One of the barometers we use is community driven. What’s important to the community? The community drives a lot of our efforts. With UMD and occupying college houses. People are saying that we need to do something about this. So we start

Dear Reader Readers,

Robert Boone

Prudently, the leadership at your local FREE weekly paper ( the leaders name is Bob) waited a good long while to make certain that this World Wide Web thing is more than a fad. He has recently become relatively convinced ...

Grizzlies Expands To Canal Park

Robert Boone

A deal has been reached to lease the former Hell Burgers location at 310 South Lake Ave.

Kestrel lands in Superior

Robert Boone

Kestrel Aircraft Company will establish its manufacturing plants and headquarters in Superior, eventually creating up to 600 new jobs; Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker announced Monday.