The Reader’s September 8th Citybeat story by John Ramos reported on the Duluth Economic Development Authority’s efforts to re-develop Lot D.  Lot D is the 13-acre expanse of vacant industrial land just to the west of the new Pier B hotel and restaurant near Bayfront Park. Lot D is owned by the Duluth Economic Development Authority (DEDA).

Ramos reported that DEDA executive director, Heather Rand, has informed the DEDA board that the business development office was continuing to talk with two developers who had expressed interest; and that Rand hoped to have something definite to tell the DEDA board by their September 28 meeting.  “The concepts certainly look very intriguing, and not necessarily anything that we have currently in Duluth,” Rand stated. 

At deadline The Reader learned that the developer the city has chosen is, in fact, the Pier B Hotel ownership group.  Pier B Hotel has nearly a dozen partners, led by Duluth realtor, Sandy Hoff, and Alex Giuliani, who also owns the Clyde Iron restaurant. It is understood that their proposal includes a mixed use project, including condominiums, and that Kraus Anderson, a large Twin Cities firm will do the construction.

Rand has said that the developer will be given an option agreement of between six and 18 months to “do due diligence and continue to work out site plans that are amenable to DEDA.” and purchase the property.