Events For 05/08/2017

5-7pm Mon. May. 8

Photo Stupor Exhibit

It’s like every wedding you went to in the 1990s! Show up on May 1st at the opening for the Homegrown photography show, get a disposable camera, and then try to use it and keep it during the week of Homegrown, and return it by the kickball game. The film will be developed “instantly” (only 24 hours!), and photos will be pasted on the Red Herring wall for everyone to relive their glory days.

Red Herring Lounge 208 East 1st Street, Duluth

Cost: FREE

Age: 21+

6-8pm Mon. May. 8

Magic Smelt Parade Art Making Session

Join the magic smelt party by making puppets, costumes and art to run with the smelt in this year’s Run Smelt Run parade. Art making events are free and open to all ages, supplies are provided (please bring silver articles of clothing and fabrics). Parade May 14, 3:30pm, at the Aerial Lift Bridge.

Duluth Art Institute's Lincoln Center for Arts Education 2229 West Second Street, Duluth

Cost: FREE

Age: All Ages

Ongoing Events For 05/08/2017

karaoke/DJ, galleries, classes, etc