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It’s our Birthday!

Game time is 6:30 pm, and we are also giving away plenty of swag including: A brand new Mad River Adventures canoe from our good friends at Spring Creek Outfitters, 30 pairs of tickets to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival and lots of other booty

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North Shore Notes

Harry Drabik

I’ve no answer

If you ask people for their honest opinions, you’ll sometimes get far more than you ever expected. I, for one, had NO idea there were so many dark and devious conspiracies in the nation and on the planet.

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Loren Martell

Interview with Art Johnston

Several charges were recently filed against controversial School Board member Art Johnston. Mr. Johnston agreed to talk about his interview with an attorney from Fafinsky, Mark and Johnson, the law firm hired by the Board to investigate the charges.

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The Lowdown

Jim Hightower

Lifting America up by raising the wage floor

If you can’t pay your workers a decent wage, then you don’t have a legitimate business. The multimillion-dollar executives at poverty-pay outfits like McDonald’s aren’t running a business, they’re running a labor extortion racket.

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Emily Stone

Wonderful Webs

Dusk had fallen quickly while we listened to Larry Weber—author of “Spiders of the North Woods,” retired middle school teacher, and ultra-enthusiastic naturalist from northern Minnesota—show slides of local spiders.

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The Masked Fan

Marc Elliott

Sports, Politics And Other Random Thoughts…

The best part of the Bruins-Habs series for me, of course, was when the Habs ended the Bruins’ season in the playoffs and I got to watch all over again the B’s exiting the ice, heads down, that lousy feeling permeating the hockey soul for a few days

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Paul Ryan

Tips for attending Comic Con

The legendary conference is quite literally a scam, so here’s some tips for you unfortunate few who were able to score tickets to this soul sucking money vacuum.

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Culture Vulture

Ed Newman

A Talent to Watch: Saydee Lanes

Trepanier Hall, home of the American Indian Community Housing Organization (AICHO) in Downtown Duluth, has become host to a number superb arts, poetry and music events this past few years.

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Performance Reviews

Jane Hoffman

Boys of Baraka

The Boys of Baraka is a documentary film produced in 2005 about 20 at risk male youth who are chosen to attend a Kenyan high school thousands of miles away in the open prairie to develop academically.

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Lady Ocalat


Leos tend to be bombastic and challenging, and often provoke others into impulsive violence. They are also prone toward being victims of slander and vicious gossip.

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