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We encourage everyone to vote their conscience and vote wisely in an election that holds so much at stake for the future of our country. The point is: we get to choose. That is the birthright of each American citizen, no matter what our background.

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City Beat

John Ramos

Retiree healthcare update

Obviously, this is not an “easy” plan; coming up with $9 million each year will not be painless. The mayor is very concerned about the possibility that future administrations and future city councils could decide to reduce the $9 million figure

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John Gilbert

Rick Nolan

We were plunged into turmoil when Chip Cravaack, a Republican, with amazingly biased backing by the Duluth News-Tribune, upset Oberstar. Last election, Rick Nolan was lured back into politics, and, sure enough, beat Cravaack. Many in the Northland

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Loren Martell

Tragic, Strange and Absurd

I don’t know how to broach this one. I’ll just say that it all started out so happily. The auditorium of old Central was not roiling with a malcontented throng ready to critically engage its government.

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John LaForge

Gearing Up for a Meltdown?

You’d think the government believes a nuclear meltdown is inevitable. The EPA has recommended new regulations that relax (increase) radiation exposure limits during and after catastrophic reactor accidents.

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Beer Society

Jim Lundstrom

A Capital Experience

Lucky for all of us, I caught myself before starting this piece with something to the effect of, I remember back in the good old days…

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Trish Waltman

Major Life Changes

Did you ever hear you’re only suppose to go through one major life change at a time? Why not a few? I know I’m good with change but I may have bitten off a little more than even I can chew.

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North Shore Notes

Harry Drabik


I’m sure you have patterns or predilections. We all do. One of mine (that drove my parents to anxiety) was a regular habit of “adopting” (sorry, but that’s the most useful term I can think of) additional parents in the form of interesting older coupl

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Culture Vulture

Ed Newman

Glass Artist Dan Neff

I first noticed Dan Neff’s glass work at the Park Point Art Fair a few years ago. His work caught my eye and immediately reminded me of the Fenton Glass Works in Williamsburg, West Virginia near my grandmother’s home when I was young.

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Emily Stone

Blue jays

Crinkly brown oak leaves danced across the path. My bike tires swished satisfyingly through drifts of leaves on the ground. Up ahead, a small flock of blue jays swooped across the road one at a time

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