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The Masked Fan

Marc Elliott

The Future Of The NFL…

Wait! Who in the H-E-double hockey sticks are these guys? Well, these are rostered players out on a day pass from lockup so they can play in Sunday’s game!

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Loren Martell

Exposing the Warts

The honorable research scientist, Dr. Glass, made a reappearance in the boardroom of ISD 709, to observe the spectacle of the September school board meeting. Afterwards, I asked him: “Felt like old times, Gary?” His reply: “Same as always, only worse

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Paul Whyte

Amazon vs. Superior Street

America has become so obsessed with consuming what’s fast and cheap that this is where we are starting to undermine ourselves and any sense of the American Dream. More jobs are being shipped overseas and the jobs that aren’t fall on desperate America

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The Gadfly

Ed Raymond

The Removal Of Heads And Another War

So far the loss of four heads (as of 9/15/14) may involve us in another war. Two journalists and a British aid worker have been decapitated by a radical Islamic fundamentalist group under the acronym of ISIL.

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Democracy Now!

Amy Goodman

A Climate Week To Change Everything

The climate crisis is worsening faster than predicted, by every scientific measure, and is paralleled by another crisis: the failure of the U.N. climate negotiation process.

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Emily Stone

Hairy-Eyed Crane Flies

The windows in my kitchen stay open throughout most of the summer. Various insects come and go, with dark fishing spiders – the largest spiders in the Northwoods

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John Gilbert

Triple-threat Bulldogs Run in the Rain

The tandem rushing attack of Logan Lauters and Austin Sikorski flashed its full form last Saturday night, and quarterback Drew Bauer joined them in a three-pronged 100-yard rushing attack that led UMD to its impressive 38-7 football victory

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Jane Hoffman

Football is the New Politics

I know the names of the President elect in Afghanistan and the lead caliphate from ISIS but until this week, I did not know Al Franken’s Republican’s opponents name.

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North Shore Notes

Harry Drabik

Three out of four

I can’t say whether it is ironic or a simple example of natural justice that going south is not a natural option for me.

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