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North Shore Notes

Harry Drabik

Asylum Two

It turned out that as novices to the North Shore we helped clear out old stock that no seasoned resident would have fallen for, bargain or not.

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Party of one

Melvyn Magree

Clawing out of the Abyss

As of this writing, we are into week two without cellular access on our iPhones (See “Cutting the cord and falling into the abyss” in last week’s Reader).

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Beer Society

Jim Lundstrom

Falling for a new fall beer

It hits all the right notes of a fall beer, yet it’s unlike any fall seasonal in my memory save Capital’s Autumnal Fire, which I once described as liquid candy.

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Natural Connections

Emily Stone

The Corn Belt Tightens the Belt on Monarchs

One of my most vivid childhood memories from Iowa’s corn country is watching clouds of monarch butterflies dance around the milkweed patch by our back steps and finding caterpillars on the leaves. My brother and I raised them, as many kids do.

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The Masked Fan

Marc Elliott

Sports, Taxpayers And The Power Elite…

For some reason I keep thinking that someday, somewhere, a major municipality is going to tell one of these major league sport teams when they come begging for a new stadium or arena with hat in hand

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