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City Beat

John Ramos

Fleet study

My company feels confident in saying that when we analyze your operations, if we say a practice is good or a practice needs improvement, that we know what we’re talking about.” Randy Owen, senior vice president with Mercury Associates

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North Shore Notes

Harry Drabik

More thunked thought

Do the rights of a supremacist need as much protection as those of a pacifist? Do the aims of a supremacist represent the same danger as those of a pacifist?

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Jane Hoffman

Unsolicited Cyber Bullying

Facebook has upped their suggestive advertising in the last few years so one finds invites to people and pages a person has no interest in. The ads exist to trap you.

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Natural Connections

Emily Stone


Patchworks of emerald, olive, and chartreuse moss draped over soft, sunken logs. Hummocks and swales in the forest floor told tales of large trees, long fallen.

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Paul Ryan

Idolizing the normies

All of my childhood heroes turned into douchebags. Kirby Puckett was a great baseball player and a magnificent public urination hobby

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