Indulge in the mesmerizing sounds of Landscapes every Wednesday night at the Rathskeller, Duluth's underground speakeasy and renowned craft cocktail lounge. Immerse yourself in the soulful tunes while sipping on the Rathskeller's extraordinary concoctions, blending musical artistry with an exquisite drink experience in the heart of Duluth.

Cost: FREE

Age: 21+


Wed. Jan. 3 8-10pm

Wed. Jan. 10 8-10pm

Wed. Jan. 17 8-10pm

Wed. Jan. 24 8-10pm

Wed. Jan. 31 8-10pm

Wed. Feb. 7 8-10pm

Wed. Feb. 14 8-10pm

Wed. Feb. 21 8-10pm

Wed. Mar. 13 8-10pm

Wed. Mar. 20 8-10pm

Wed. Mar. 27 8-10pm

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