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Time Spent

Al Kammerer

I judged them the salt of the earth, my term for junkies and welfare subsistents. But they were proud to be homeless and not helping the rich get richer in any direct manner.

Zombie apocalypses are real

Al Kammerer

Zombie apocalypses are for real. Those who study world threats can imagine zombies updated, alive and kicking.

A shame we don’t study military history

Al Kammerer

A shame we don’t study military history. It’s full of inspiration and human potentials. Chief among our potentials, however, is the capacity for cruelty and criminality wars promote.

Nuns in Revolt!

Al Kammerer

In what some have characterized as “The Love Boat” incident, an unknown number of nuns hijacked the Coast Guard icebreaker Sundew Tuesday.

A Tree By Any Other Name

Al Kammerer

If you hurry, and if you like performance art, go east on East 4th St. from the Cathedral of our Lady of the Rosary to 7th Ave. and check out the trees. Decorated with children’s pants, onesies, socks, gloves, scarves and ribbons