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Best Bartender

Kelli Barker (Norm's/Spirit Room)

For some bartending might just be a job and a way to pay the bills. It's not the easiest job, especially in Superior. Kelli Barker doesn't look at it that way, " love my job...I don't consider it work...it is too much fun!" Barker has been bartending for 12 years, but is perhaps know best for working at Norm's Beer and Brats in Superior for the last eight years. Recently, she has started also working at the Spirit Room, a newly opened tapas bar and restaurant just down the street from Norms. "I get to see my friends and meet new people daily. I absolutely love bartending and everyone that I have met by doing it. I am beyond grateful for Norm's and Spirit Room for having me. I am incredibly flattered for being nominated and honored to have been voted 'Best of.' There are incredible bartenders in this area so it is a huge compliment," replied Barker when we informed her of her win.

Runner up: Jake Kimball (Third Base Bar/Tower Avenue Tavern/Strikers Sports Bar)