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Marc Elliott is a free lance sports opinion writer. Elliott recently wrote “The Masked Fan Speaks” column for the Lake County News Chronicle for the past ten years.

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Fri. Mar. 23rd, 2012

Manning To Broncos? NCAA Hockey Is Here! The Mfan Top 5 NHL Power Rank & More!

Marc Elliott

CLOQUET LAKE… Where would you rather be right now, northern Minny or south Florida? Since the weather is about the same as of late, I’ll take the peace and quiet of the good old North Star state any day of the week. As of Tuesday morning, it appears that all-world QB Peyton Manning is set to become a Denver Bronco. Well, that’s great. I have been to Denver several times and I really like it there. I wouldn’t mind spending a few years there, in fact. The beautiful Rocky Mountains are close by with plenty of outdoor recreation pursui

Thu. Mar. 8th, 2012

It’s State Hockey Tourney Time! Masked Fan Sports Shorts & Much, Much More!

Marc Elliott

LARSMONT… Just two summers ago, my son William, my little brother Tom Zamberletti and I went over to the St. Paul neighborhood where we grew up. A few years had passed by since I had been over there, and my son wanted to see where it was that we lived when we were younger. Not 200 feet off of West 7th S

Fri. Feb. 17th, 2012

Minnesota Wild Woes Continue Part One, And The Mfan Extra! Here We Go!

Marc Elliott

BILLINGS PARK…. I wrote back in October that I felt the 2011-12 version of the Minnesota Wild were going to finish in the 11th to 12th place neighborhood of the NHL Western Conference and I took a lot of heat for it. Lo and behold the club surprised everyone and in early December while Santa and the Elves were getting ready for a return engagement to your chimney, this team, yes this team, found themselves on top of the NHL points race. Then shazam! The hockey genie was put back into the bottle.

Thu. Jan. 26th, 2012

A Sports Legend Passes On: Joe Paterno Dead At 85.

Marc Elliott

SILVER CREEK… It is a sad and indifferent day in the world of sports, especially in the universe of college football. Some 74 days after being fired from a job he had worked at for 61 years, 44 of which he served as the head coach, former ...

Fri. Dec. 16th, 2011

Baseball Contract Madness

Marc Elliott

PARK POINT… Well, baseball fans, it’s done: the first major and idiotic contract of the free agent season has been signed, sealed, and delivered. The former St. Louis Cardinal first baseman Albert Pujols has signed a whopper ...