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Thu. Jul. 19th, 2018

The Deep, Black Hole

by Loren Martell

Government officials, especially in the boardroom of ISD 709, tend to look at the public’s money differently than they would look at their own.

Thu. Dec. 28th, 2017

Reality Rides into the Sunset

by Loren Martell

A number of other citizens also spoke from the podium. Members of the teachers’ union stood before the Board, wearing cardboard placards demanding “Truth, Integrity, Honesty” and “LAYOFFS and Classroom Cuts Are On YOUR Backs NOT ours.”

Thu. Dec. 7th, 2017

The Wide Divide

by Loren Martell

In fairness, the problems in the East can not be completely minimized. The Red Plan, though unquestionably more devastating on the western end of town, was to some degree an equal-opportunity train wreck.

Thu. Sep. 28th, 2017

Mulch Matters

by Loren Martell

We got hit with continually expanding upfront costs from JCI, and obviously never reaped the full benefit of promised future “savings.”

Wed. May. 10th, 2017


by Loren Martell

Wed. May. 3rd, 2017


by Loren Martell

Thu. Apr. 6th, 2017

Oh, the negativity

by Loren Martell

The only thing I would add is: this potentially fatal wound to Denfeld High was pointed out to the ruling members of the Board TEN YEARS ago, during the genesis of the Red Plan, and they still blindly and bullheadedly insisted on hewning our town into two--one side of “haves,” one side of “have-nots.”

Thu. Mar. 23rd, 2017

Will We Maintain?

by Loren Martell

Here’s the thing about maintenance: it doesn’t go away. Maintenance work deferred still has to be addressed down the road, and the longer it is deferred, almost invariably, the more expensive it gets.

Thu. Mar. 16th, 2017

The Drama District

by Loren Martell

Member Loeffler-Kemp also condemned what she called “disparaging remarks about individuals,” prompting member Johnston to say: “Despairing remarks? This Board?” He pointed out that “despairing remarks” had consumed the Board for two years.

Thu. Jan. 26th, 2017

Vile Words

by Loren Martell

Never underestimate our Board or the complexity of contemporary society, however: the discussion over “wellness” did create a bit of a food fight over what snacks kids should be allowed to take to school to share with classmates