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Thu. Dec. 10th, 2015

Say Uncle to This Dunkel

Jim Lundstrom

I never met a beer from Ayinger that I didn’t love. The 138-year-old brewery in Aying, Germany, can do no wrong in my book.

Thu. Oct. 22nd, 2015

Night Tripping

Jim Lundstrom

It pours bible black with a deep tan head that looks good enough to dive into, which I do.

Wed. Oct. 14th, 2015

A Sweet Tart and a Monstrous Wit

Jim Lundstrom

Traditional Old Ale went through a secondary fermentation with either naturally occurring or introduced wild yeast, which resulted in the pucker factor.

Wed. Sep. 30th, 2015

Nothing to Get Surly About

Jim Lundstrom

Of all the assumed attitudes out there, I think surly is my least favorite.

Wed. Sep. 23rd, 2015

PC Police Pick On the Wrong Skull Splitter

Jim Lundstrom

A few years back, the PC police tried to lower the boom on Skull Splitter, a big malty ale from the Orkney Brewery. It’s a beer that has been revered by beer enthusiasts for as long as I can remember.

Thu. Sep. 3rd, 2015

Getting Fruity

Jim Lundstrom

Oh, no! It’s happened again…I’ve fallen for another fruity beer.

Wed. Aug. 26th, 2015

Falling for a new fall beer

Jim Lundstrom

It hits all the right notes of a fall beer, yet it’s unlike any fall seasonal in my memory save Capital’s Autumnal Fire, which I once described as liquid candy.

Thu. Aug. 20th, 2015

Cherry Bounce and Fritz the Lawnmower Man

Jim Lundstrom

My first successful homebrew experiment was a cherry stout, using as a base one of the recipes in Charlie Papazian’s landmark homebrew book.

Wed. Jul. 29th, 2015

Tangerine Dream

Jim Lundstrom

This is just what it says it is – Tangerine. Big tangerine nose, lovely tangerine flavor, and even a hazy tangerine color to this tangerine wheat beer from Lost Coast Brewery.

Thu. Jul. 23rd, 2015

Pass the Pudding, Please!

Jim Lundstrom

When asked at what I thought was the end of my first English Sunday dinner if I wanted pudding, my first thought was to say, no, that’s OK. I’m full of roast beast and starchy tubers

Wed. Jun. 24th, 2015

Making a Pig of Myself, Again

Jim Lundstrom

Here is the kind of beer story I love to hear: When Stevens Point Brewery decided the next release for its Whole Hog big beer series would be a coffee stout, they wanted to make sure it stood out from the seemingly ceaseless wave of specialty craft

Wed. Jun. 17th, 2015

An Ultra Experience

Jim Lundstrom

Yum! It comes on softer than most hop-forward American pale ales, which I’ll bet is the oat component.

Thu. Jun. 11th, 2015

Piloting a German Beer

Jim Lundstrom

Plenty of people fall in love with a particular beer, but not many fall in love so hard that they decide to become beer distributors.

Thu. May. 21st, 2015

Cacti and Cacao

Jim Lundstrom

It’s got a tart little bite that spreads to what must be the big Texas flavor of prickly pear, and then everything settles down to beer.

Wed. May. 13th, 2015

Canned Fruit

Jim Lundstrom

I love a good fruit beer, so was excited when I recently found three varieties new to me in single cans.

Thu. May. 7th, 2015

Victory for Kirsch Gose

Jim Lundstrom

I have always been a fan of cherry beers – or, at least, well-made cherry beers, and there are many excellent versions ranging from light to dark styles.

Thu. Apr. 30th, 2015

Oaky and Brainless

Jim Lundstrom

Looking for a beer to celebrate with a homemade Mexican meal on Cinco de Mayo, I passed on the Dos Equis and margarita in a bottle, and the Mexican lager aged in tequila barrels.