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Ed Raymond is a former Marine officer and school board superintendent, and resides in Detroit Lakes.

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Thu. Jan. 23rd, 2014

Cement Ceilings And “Stoopid Wimmin” Laws

Ed Raymond

Because women are more sensible than men, they live longer. Therefore, 54 percent of the eligible voters in this country are women. Men have made such a mess of things in U.S. history,

Thu. Dec. 5th, 2013

The Gadfly

Ed Raymond

Did The Devil Really Make You Do It?

Fri. Aug. 16th, 2013

The Gadfly

Ed Raymond

And The Republicans Put The Repeal On ObamaCare For Forty Days

Thu. Aug. 15th, 2013

The Gadfly

Ed Raymond

And The Republicans Put The Repeal On ObamaCare For Forty Days

Tue. Jul. 2nd, 2013

We Need To Remember There Is Only One Sun

Ed Raymond

These are perilous times around the world. Most of the countries involved in the Arab Spring seem to be going through nation-birthing with umbilical cords wrapped around necks with feet coming first. Countries such as Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Lebano

Fri. Jun. 14th, 2013

When Thoughts Can Fly Helicopters And Apes Throw Tantrums While Gambling

Ed Raymond

My father lived to be just six months short of 100 and my mother made it to 94, so I have a chance to see corporate researchers living on the moon making pharmaceutical companies very rich by manufacturing drugs that can only be produced in space. I would love to live to see NASA astronauts fly to a big asteroid and tug

Fri. May. 31st, 2013

Teanderthals At Work With The Best Congress Money Can Buy

Ed Raymond

A news junkie, I try to watch as many Congressional hearings as I can. Much better than reality TV and almost equal to meerkats on Animal Planet. It’s great fun to watch the Academy Award-level acting as the camera-huggers and the “u

Fri. May. 24th, 2013

They Shoot And Eat Horses, Don’t They?

Ed Raymond

In that I’m an old farm boy who saw the muscled behinds of horses many times as I guided a team pulling drags, stoneboats, or “bundle wagons”

Fri. Apr. 26th, 2013

Is It Something In The Water—Or Is It Politics?

Ed Raymond

Recent surveys on two different subjects that ended up with basically the same answer aroused my curiosity. One survey shows that “red” states governed by Republicans had much higher traffic fatality rates than “blue” s

Fri. Apr. 12th, 2013

The Curious Case Of Buttoned-Down Politicians

Ed Raymond

When the world becomes predictable instead of it being a messy, marvelous, malevolent, and amazing place, I want to cash in my chips. First, the University of Minnesota has a reputation of

Fri. Mar. 29th, 2013

The Resurrection Of The War On Women

Ed Raymond

This is the first time I have used a prescript column as a framework, one that I have written before to cover the same subject. I wrote some of this column in 2011 when the Republican-dominated North Dakota Legislature continue

Fri. Mar. 15th, 2013

The Spittoons Are Gone But The Slime Is Still There

Ed Raymond

Almost sixty years ago, long before the Civil Rights and Voting Rights bills were passed, I was a young Marine Corps lieutenant stationed at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, commanding a heavy machinegun

Sat. Mar. 9th, 2013

Six Pounds Of Matter That Really Count

Ed Raymond

Our brain weighs about three pounds, give or take a few ounces. The bacteria that insinuate themselves in every nook, cranny, and organ in our bodies also weigh about three pounds. Maybe that is just coincidental, but sometimes it may take three pounds of brains to control three pounds of bac

Thu. Feb. 28th, 2013

Time To Dump The Sexual Straitjackets And Bloody Cicatrices

Ed Raymond

In the best times magnificent, in the worst times monstrous, the Roman Catholic Church with the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI has reached a spiritual cliff. Whether the Vatican retreats from the edge or leaps over depends a great deal on the election of the next pope. Popes often have had angels working on one shoulder and devils playing on the other.

Fri. Feb. 22nd, 2013

If Dung Beetles Can Use Scientific Evidence, Why Can’t Politicians?

Ed Raymond

When I was a young farm boy and shoveling out our barn’s manure gutters filled by 20 contented cows during the night, I hoped that an army of dung beetles looking for delicacies would come and give me a hand...well, sort of. Dung beetles roll their nourishing meals into balls much larger than themselves and then roll them to safe places of w

Sat. Feb. 16th, 2013

A Political Divorce Based On Incompatibility

Ed Raymond

Corky and I lived in Sun City West for the winter three years ago, enjoying both the sun and the very quirky, sometimes Catch-22 Arizona political scene. Republican governor Jan Brewer, who gave one of her fingers to President Barack Obama when he visited Phoenix, never seemed to have any of her circuits runn

Mon. Feb. 11th, 2013

A New Political Bird: The White And Blue Evokwahd

Ed Raymond

The arguments about the use of military and civilian drones are getting sillier and sillier. Some of those arguments prove conclusively there is such a thing as reverse evolution. Drones will fill the world’s skies because they may represent a tipping point in warfare, and drones by the thousands will fly peaceti

Thu. Jan. 31st, 2013

The Gun Culture: Nestled In Cocoons Of Ignorance And Paranoia

Ed Raymond

Although we are living in West Fargo only for the winter months, Corky and I are considering returning to North Dakota to live permanently because of safety concerns. I see that only one person has been reported by North Dakota authorities to the federa

Fri. Jan. 25th, 2013

Memo To Obama And Hagel–-Go Where The Money Is

Ed Raymond

I have been an observer of Nebraska conservative “Republican” Chuck Hagel, President Barack Obama’s choice for secretary of defense, for over 15 years. At various times during a week I am a libertarian, a c

Sun. Jan. 20th, 2013

Enough Already

Ed Raymond

What is the difference between “homesteading” and “seasteading?” For the citizens of the United States, I guess it’s our national debt of about 16,400,000,000,000 dollars. And we have acquired it in less than 200 years. In the 19th and 20th centuries, our D.C. government offered land to develop parts of our country through the passage of vari

Fri. Jan. 11th, 2013

Will The United States Lead The Futures Race?

Ed Raymond

Each year a global futures research tank called the Millennium Project publishes a report on our future, prepared from 10,000 pages of data collected from reliable sources. It is surprisingly positive about the future in a short summary: “It is increasingly clear that the world has the resources to address its challenges. The world is getting richer, healthier, better educated, more peacefu

Fri. Jan. 4th, 2013

The NRA Gun Lobby And Frankenmurders

Ed Raymond

A Catholic priest who spent a lot of his time consoling survivors of death and destruction because of his religious role has said that a civilized people shows empathy and mercy by “entering into the chaos of another.” In

Sun. Dec. 30th, 2012

The American Disease

Ed Raymond

I was horrified by the mass murder of 20 first graders and six school employees at Sandy Hook Elementary, but I wasn’t at all surprised. I have written over 1,100 weekly columns over the last 20 years, and I esti

Fri. Dec. 28th, 2012

Onward Christian Soldiers, Marching Off The Cliff...

Ed Raymond

I have been in used bookstores from Key West to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, and occasionally I find a jewel of a book that either ruptures an idea or adds to one. My latest dollar-find is “The Great Escapes: Four Slave Narratives” first published in 1847 and then re-published much later by Barnes & Noble

Thu. Dec. 13th, 2012

Is The Military-Industrial Complex A Trillion Dollar Bonus To The Rich? You Betcha!

Ed Raymond

North Dakota lost two good men in a bad war a couple of weeks ago. We have 1,100 military bases scattered around the world in very hot and very cold places just daring our “enemies” to expose themselves to our influence and firepower. We have members of Congress fighting among themselves to see what new and expensive military widge

Fri. Dec. 7th, 2012

Now We Have Both Emperors And Generals Who Don’t Wear Clothes

Ed Raymond

Lee Marvin, one of my favorite tough-guy actors, could play military privates or generals and make them both believable. Perhaps not too many people know that Private Lee Marvin, U.S. Marine Corps, was awarded the Navy Cross in the World War II landing on Iwo Jima for helping to conquer Mount Surib

Fri. Nov. 30th, 2012

How About Cow’s Tongue For School Lunch?

Ed Raymond

I like the word “kerfuffle.” It describes perfectly a rather minor scrum-scrimmage among divergent opinions about a subject that affects a lot of people but is not life threatening. I thought all of the publicity about school lunches in the area lately was really a minor “kerfuffle.” Suddenly I realized that with all of my experiences with schools and school lunches I have a fork in this colorful omelet.

Mon. Nov. 26th, 2012

The Autopsy Report

Ed Raymond

Autopsies are performed after an organized group of cells dies, usually represented by a human body. The reasons for such a study vary. Prosecutors may be looking for a cause of death so that someone can be charged with a crime. Physicians may want to perform an autopsy to see why the

Fri. Nov. 16th, 2012

How About A Running Wheel In The Poorhouse?

Ed Raymond

I’m writing this column before I know the results of the election, but I know the topic of poverty or pauperism will still be around long after. The November issue of “In These Times” had an article by Maggie Garb that recalled the history of the first anti-poverty organization in the United States, the Society for the Prevention of Pauperism. Poverty hasn’t changed much from 1818 since the Society iss

Mon. Nov. 12th, 2012

Is Our Moment Of Greatness Flickering? Is The Eternal Footman Snickering? Is Liquor Quicker Than Candy?

Ed Raymond

There are two poems I admire among many others because they get to the heart of a subject quickly, though by different routes. In Ogden Nash’s epic “Reflections On Ice-Breaking,” he sums up humanity quickly: “Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker.” That’s it. That’s all there is. But doesn’t that sum up our society in a one-ounce shot glass? Don’t most of us use booze to make

Fri. Nov. 2nd, 2012

The Resurrection of Al Capp’s Joe Btfsplk

Ed Raymond

The other day I heard a heart-warming story on National Public Radio about a mother elephant trying to rescue her newborn son from a very deep hole he had fallen into near an African desert waterhole. It seemed to be an impossib

Fri. Oct. 19th, 2012

Three Ounces Of Shampoo And 10,000 Rounds Of Ammunition

Ed Raymond

We keep hearing that the November 6th election provides the American people with a real choice of ideologies. A short letter to the Star Tribune editor about the Minneapolis shooting at Accent Signage resulting in carnage for at least nine families put the choice this way: “Why is it that I am a danger to society if I carry more than three ounces of shampoo on a flight, but it’s O

Fri. Oct. 12th, 2012

Cheap Teachers Are Very Expensive!

Ed Raymond

Whenever a society is in trouble economically and threatens to become a third world country, politicians jump on teachers, teacher unions, and education institutions and loudly start the blame game. Instead of looking at themselves a

Fri. Oct. 5th, 2012

Where The Elite Meet

Ed Raymond

A reader’s pilot husband thought I would be interested in looking at a magazine that is often given away to private jet owners at airports. This is a magazine-catalog strictly for One Percenters who have everything but want “more.” No wonder the One Percenters ha