Best of the Material World

Best Antique Shop

Father Time

Some things do get better with time, Father Time is no exception.  Father Time once again takes the win for best antique shop.  They have a great selection of treasures from the past that will blow you away.


Best Bookstore

Barnes and Noble

It seems that Barnes and Noble is simply unbeatable in this category. Once again they take the win for “best bookstore.”  The book store at Fitgers came in second place.


Best Bookstore (Used)

Amazing Alonzo

Once again Amazing Alonzo takes the win for best used bookstore.  They have a wide selection, they are well organized! and the prices are reasonable.  They won in a landslide.


Best Car Dealer

Kari Toyota

They’ve been serving the community for over 75 years and their dedication to friendly service has once again paid off for yet another win.  Reader columnist, Marc “The Masked Fan” Elliot had this to say about Kari Toyota, “I have purchased two vehicles from Kari’s and both times the buying experience was quick, smooth and efficient which can mean a lot considering that car buying can be a stressful event for some buyers. I basically told them what I was looking for and how I wanted to accomplish the purchase, and they went to work for me. My experiences with Kari Toyota have both been very positive and I would recommend them to anyone looking to make a purchase, excellent service department as well.”  Benna Ford was runner up.


Best Fashion (Men)


If your a guy and your trying to look sharp, Mainstream Fashions for Men will have you looking slicker than a Duluth sidewalk right after an ice storm. Once again Mainstream dominated this category.  We did enjoy that several of you voted for “Menards.”


Best Fashion (Women)


Maurices, founded in 1931, actually has it’s headquarters in Duluth and they have over 700 locations throughout the nation. Recently they have become more civicly active, supporting the arts and other causes. This year they take the win, just squeezing by Younkers.


Best Fine Jewelry

Security Jewelers

For 14 years in a row, Security Jewelers has won their category. An impeccable reputation, together with (for Duluth, anyway)  innovative, even zany, marketing has proven a foolproof formula for success. Mall jewelry stores stores seldom even garner 4th or 5th place finishes in tinour this poll if that tells you anything. Nummi Jewelers of Superior was a commendable second place.


Best CD Store

Electric Fetus

One would think a business name like the Electric Fetus might scare more people away than it would attract. This is not the case, it’ll be another year with a win for the Fetus. The Electric Fetus has been a staple in the northland for years for all our musical fancies. With a large selection of vinyl, used CDs, oddities and other local charms not found at Best Buy, the Fetus is the go-to spot for all your music and your purchases help keep your money in our community. MJ


Best CD Store (used)

Electric Fetus

It’s no big surprise that Electric Fetus also takes the win for used CD store again this year as well.  The Vinyl Cave in Superior came in second this year with a respectable amount of votes.


Best Music Instrument Store

Northwoods Music

Northwoods Music in Superior started from humble beginnings when they first started out in a small 500 square foot store that was also a coffee shop. After that, they did nothing but grow.  It was when owner Scott Johnson moved the business into it’s current 6000 square foot location that the business really started to stand out in the area.  They offer a good selection of guitars and other instruments as well as music lessons. The usual winner, Music Go Round, came in second this year.


Best Art Gallery

The Tweed Museum of Art

We can say that it’s hard to beat the Tweed.  Usually the competition is a little stiffer for Tweed, but this year they stood well above the rest.  Lizzards and Siverston shared second place. 


Best Movie Theater

Zinema 2

Zinema serves alcohol. This year Zinema wins the Reader’s “best of” award for “best movie theater.” And they serve alcohol there. Movies these days are not the same. The storylines in today’s big pictures lack the substance that movies used to have. Zinema brings in many superb films that would never make it to the “big chain” cinemas. Zinema serves alcohol. It’s hard shelling out wads of moola to watch a movie you may not even like in the least bit. But they serve alcohol there. Zinema offers a classy yet comfy environment to watch a movie in. Zinema had one of the largest margins of victory of any category.AZ


Second Hand Store


The name says it all: Goodwill. Good for the less-unemployable people it employs. Good value and price range for the customer. Good for the hoarder who wants to downsize. Good for the community. Good for the landfills. And always good for a cheap wool sport coat. Thanks for the good will Goodwill. MJ


Best Public Restroom

Teatro Zuccone

Teatro Zuccone takes another win for “best restroom.” There’s no doubt about it, it’s pretty nice and we take pride in doing our business there.  We were a little disappointed by the lack of competition in this category.  But Teatro Zuccone came out hard and fierce, splashing away everyone else.

Best Bowling Alley

Incline Station

We decided to throw this new category down the lane and see if it struck anything.  There was some good competition between Incline Station and Stadium Lanes in Duluth and Village Lanes in Superior.  In the end, Incline Station got the turkey. 


Best Lodging-Romantic Getaway

Superior Shores

We had to tally hundreds of votes before a clear winner began to emerge for this category. Apparently there are a whole lot of romantic get away places around the area. We wouldn’t know, we don’t really have days off and even if we did, wouldn’t have the money to be going on some fancy getaway.

A few of you felt that Superior Shores Resort, located on Lake Superior in Two Harbors was the nicest place to get away from it all with that special someone.  Lutsen Resort came in second this year