Lake Superior Estuarium First Saturdays

What’s an Estuarium? A gathering place for learning and play! The term is a combination of words “estuary” and “museum.” Join us in the exhibit hall to learn more about how fresh water, ecology, and culture coexist and thrive in the Lake Superior watershed. First Saturday of each month 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Stay tuned for special “first Saturday” activities at the Estuarium hosted by the Friends of the Lake Superior Reserve.

Saturday, May 4: Experience tiny nature! Learn how to connect with the world on a smaller scale through magnifying glasses, small-scale photography, and scientific observation of plants and insects!

Saturday, June 1: Try nature journaling! Fun for all ages - Learn how to journal using different senses, materials, and muses to experience nature in new ways!

Cost: FREE

Age: All Ages


Sat. Mar. 2 10am-5pm

Sat. Apr. 6 10am-5pm

Sat. May. 4 10am-5pm

Sat. Jun. 1 10am-5pm

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