Lake Superior Estuarium OPEN

Summer Open Hours!
The Lake Superior Estuarium is a gateway to the headwaters of the Great Lakes. Beautiful interactive displays tell stories of the St. Louis River Estuary, Lake Superior, and the communities on their shores. The exhibit hall includes a play area for young children, maps to orient you to the largest estuary on Lake Superior, and information to help you get out and explore.

What’s an Estuarium?
A gathering place for learning and play! The term is a combination of words “estuary” and “museum.” Join us in the exhibit hall to learn more about how fresh water, ecology, and culture coexist and thrive in the Lake Superior watershed.

The Lake Superior Estuarium has scattered seating available and two single-user accessible bathrooms. Check the Lake Superior Reserve Event’s page for the full list of open weekends this season.

Cost: FREE

Age: All Ages


Wed. Jun. 14 10am-5pm

Fri. Jun. 16 10am-5pm

Sat. Jun. 17 10am-5pm

Wed. Jun. 21 10am-5pm

Fri. Jun. 23 10am-5pm

Sat. Jun. 24 10am-5pm

Wed. Jun. 28 10am-5pm

Fri. Jun. 30 10am-5pm

Sat. Jul. 1 10am-5pm

Wed. Jul. 5 10am-5pm

Fri. Jul. 7 10am-5pm

Sat. Jul. 8 10am-5pm

Wed. Jul. 12 10am-5pm

Fri. Jul. 14 10am-5pm

Sat. Jul. 15 10am-5pm

Wed. Jul. 19 10am-5pm

Fri. Jul. 21 10am-5pm

Sat. Jul. 22 10am-5pm

Wed. Jul. 26 10am-5pm

Fri. Jul. 28 10am-5pm

Sat. Jul. 29 10am-5pm

Wed. Aug. 2 10am-5pm

Fri. Aug. 4 10am-5pm

Sat. Aug. 5 10am-5pm

Wed. Aug. 9 10am-5pm

Fri. Aug. 11 10am-5pm

Sat. Aug. 12 10am-5pm

Wed. Aug. 16 10am-5pm

Fri. Aug. 18 10am-5pm

Sat. Aug. 19 10am-5pm

Wed. Aug. 23 10am-5pm

Fri. Aug. 25 10am-5pm

Sat. Aug. 26 10am-5pm

Wed. Aug. 30 10am-5pm

Fri. Sep. 1 10am-5pm

Sat. Sep. 2 10am-5pm

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Lake Superior Estuarium
3 Marina Dr.
Superior, WI 54880