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Science Illiteracy and Public Policy

Phil Anderson

We can’t continue ignoring the warnings of science. We can’t afford scientific illiteracy in a 21st century world. Nor can we afford political leadership with the “same intellectual blind spots as their constituents.”

Wisconsin CAFO Update

Phil Anderson

“Cheap food that pollutes our water, land, and air is NOT CHEAP. We should not allow short term profit, or short term low food prices, to override long term community good.”

The “S” Word

Phil Anderson

Free enterprise is simply the ability to engage in economic activities without excessive government restrictions or interference. People are free to choose occupations, start businesses, or engage in commerce based on personal preferences

Teachers Deserve Respect

Phil Anderson

A high school English teacher with 6 years experience says she works seven days a week averaging 10-12 hours a day. This is necessary to “ensure that my students are exposed to relevant, rigorous and engaging lesson plans” and quality feedback.