Marc Elliott

Marc Elliott is a free lance sports opinion writer. Elliott recently wrote “The Masked Fan Speaks” column for the Lake County News Chronicle for the past ten years.

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Best Hockey Fight You Ever Saw?

Marc Elliott

I also get the culture and the tradition of it in the game. And with as much hockey talk radio as I listen to I am subjected to multiple annual debates about the value of fighting in the game.

Is Joe Mauer The New Media Whipping Boy?

Marc Elliott

In this particular story, the headline and content aren’t too kind to the local hero. And of course, at this point in his career, Mauer’s immense contract is a frequent measuring tool as to what he should or shouldn’t be doing at this point

Sports, Taxpayers And The Power Elite…

Marc Elliott

For some reason I keep thinking that someday, somewhere, a major municipality is going to tell one of these major league sport teams when they come begging for a new stadium or arena with hat in hand

Viking Mick Tinglehoff Goes Into Hall Of Fame!

Marc Elliott

I think of my childhood neighbors that played for the team and what good guys they were. I think of probably never missing a game whether it was on TV