Ed Raymond

Ed Raymond is a former Marine officer and school board superintendent, and resides in Detroit Lakes.

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A Thin Red Line Of Heroes When The Band Begins To Play

Ed Raymond

Congress just passed a $662 billion defense budget to fight a war with Afghanistan, a country without fighter planes, tanks, aircraft carriers, and bombers. It does have an untold number of snoopin’ and poopin’ fundamentalist religious fanatics ...

Gadfly: Crowfoot and Abortion

Ed Raymond

We have reached the point where our species creates as much intellectual, scientific, and technical information in two days as we created from the first cave paintings 30,000 years ago to the year 2003.

Gadfly: The Eel, The Van, And The Skulls Of Twenty Cows

Ed Raymond

As one gets older you discover the world is always filled with surprises, sometimes when we least expect them. A man in San Jose, California bought a used minivan for $14,000 at a car lot. After driving it around the city, he discovered ...

Gadfly: The Pea In This Shell Game Is Real Tacky

Ed Raymond

City of Fargo employees would be wise to save these tips about three companies in which to invest their 401K funds if the City Commission decides to privatize their retirement system from pensions to 401Ks as proposed by Commissioner David Piepkorn.

Gadfly: The Race Between Education And Disaster Intensifies

Ed Raymond

ast week I reviewed some evidence whether education will win out over ignorance based on Voltaire’s statement that “History is a race between education and disaster.” At the end of the column I expressed hope the race was still tied.

Gadfly: Education vs. Disaster

Ed Raymond

It’s funny how the mind runs from subject to subject. I was watching CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield present the news the other day while I was reading the Forum (11/4/11) article about the Whitman Ranch near Robinson, N.D. I was fascinated by ...

Gadfly: “Minnesota Nice” Is Getting Real Ugly

Ed Raymond

Minnesota used to be among the best states in the Union in which to live. Yes, we paid moderate taxes–but we had a quality life. That’s why 21 Fortune 500 companies settled in Minnesota and none have enriched the lives of North and South Dakotans...