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The Slow Insanity of Prison

A.C. Hawley

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2.24 million Americans are currently imprisoned. That works out to 716 prisoners per every 100,000 residents.

Perpetual Policing

A.C. Hawley

In this past week, the battle between the public and the police brought itself closer to the Northland. Down I-35, the city of Minneapolis was put on notice by the American Civil Liberties Union

A Tale from Within

A.C. Hawley

The racism that Dennis’s family experienced translated into his own life. He saw it when he went to school. Dennis and his brother were graded more harshly than his peers.

The Policing Problem

A.C. Hawley

I should say that while I do understand where the protestors are coming from, I do not support the destruction of public property because it distracts from the real issue is here: police discrimination.

It’s All Our Responsibility

A.C. Hawley

The same principle works with regards to racism. If you see someone being discriminatory or saying something questionable, call them out on it.

The Continual Violence of the Noose

A.C. Hawley

Schools can—and should—work as places to spread knowledge about racial minorities. Just being in the same space as other minorities is not enough; people need to learn about one another’s histories