Letters June 9, 2022

Political strategies are often based on nothing!

Regardless of what Gregg Schweiger thinks, liberals did not create Culture Wars (a term that is really a misnomer used to reject a large part of what some liberals (may not even believe). Think about it! When did the phrase become popular? Maybe during the presidency of Mr. Maga himself?– who after 60 legal court proceedings, many of which were presided over by Trump’s appointed judges, was told he could not proceed without real evidence? Even the SCOTUS, with twice as Conservatives, refused to hear an argument with no merits!

So Schweiger thinks liberals are denying the right of kids to pray in public schools? Nope! the law applies to situations in which teachers or school authorities force a diverse group of students from many different ethnic and/or religious backgrounds to pray before class! How would conservatives feel if their kids were forced to pray to Buddha or Krishna or forced to practice Buddhist meditation? And, the fact is that even Christians do not all think alike!

BTW, Prayer has (never) been banned by liberals! Any student can pray in private, to any deity, anyplace! They just cannot force others to pray with them! Other than a few sensationalized cases, no teacher has ever denied religious freedoms. However Conservatives saw the political advantage of using this lie long ago!

Conservatives also claim Liberals are denying free speech, but the Constitution has never insisted that all speech should be allowed – even (way, way, way), before conservatives used this false meme to facilitate their political strategy. Weren’t we all told that free speech does not give any of us the right to holler fire in a crowded theater, unless there really is a fire? – or to spread false “facts,” that can seriously hurt others?

About parents who aren’t told their child is experiencing Gender dysphoria? Wouldn’t parents know by the time their children were young adolescents? And aren’t meetings with guidance counselors and parents anonymous? If someone tells me how unhappy they are because their mind is female, and their body is not, and is willing to embark on a very dangerous journey that involves lengthy mental stress and dangerous surgery, why shouldn’t I give her my best wishes and refuse to judge her (even though some conservatives apparently think that God wants me to)? What I should do is pray that someday everyone will truly examine their beliefs and discard any biases aimed at people who are really not hurting anyone!

When has any Liberal called (all whites) racists (from birth)? Never!

“Culture wars?” A war defines aggression and hostilities between two or more parties. Conservatives are so busy being hostile, that they fail to realize that the left didn’t popularize any of the issues they’re fighting about. What about taking down statues of Confederate war heroes? Many Republicans in State legislatures agreed to remove them too. And although I wouldn’t be offended by Robert E Lee, I can understand how many Jews in modern day Germany would feel if walking by statutes glorifying Hitler.

I won’t even discuss the ridiculous idea that liberals “(demand)” abortions to be done at any time inside of or outside the womb?” Schweizer needs to look away from Fox News and ignore conservative demagogues long enough to accept that many attacks on liberals are nothing burgers!

Peter W. Johnson
Superior, Wisconsin

Shame is being brought on America

There is nothing more important than peace in the world and so I say shame on the Representatives and Senators including those from Minnesota that aren’t doing all possible to bring peace between the USA -NATO and Russia. Shame on them, including the irresponsible President who has brought the world very close to a possible nuclear war. It isn’t Russia that has refused to negotiate peace. It is America. America has most of the blame. The media has brain washed the American citizen into thinking that Russia is the demon here when that is not the case mostly refusing to inform us on what Russia’s legitimate security needs are. Any one in Washington government circles that has not worked for peace instead of pushing more weapons for the area needs to be impeached and jailed. Shame is being brought on to America once again. Washington is gambling with the very survival of life on Earth as we know it. America doesn’t care about Ukrainians, only to weaken Russia who is not an enemy of the US. Ukrainians are being thrown under the bus so that the USA can have more power and so that it can steal more of the world’s resources.

Steve Johnson
Ely, Minnesota