Letters May 19, 2022

The Reader should go vegan

The one thing that we have the most control over that would make the world kinder, safer, cleaner is what we put in our mouths three times a day. It seems to be the one thing we don’t want to change. Reader could help by printing only vegan recipes  for 2022. I wish your regular writers would share their thoughts and actions on being more plant based.

Karen Moore  
Duluth, Minnesota

What would Trump do?

I’ve heard and read a lot of criticism of how President Biden is handling the situation in Ukraine. I’m not going to say if he is right or wrong. I just wonder how former President Trump would be handling it since he even now praises Putin. I just want to think about that too.

There’s also an old saying about not judging someone until you’ve walked in their shoes.

Cecelia Hill
Duluth, Minnesota

Blame Democrats for the culture wars

The culture wars were begun by the Democrats and continue to this day.

Here is the history:

1. Prayer forbidden in public schools.
2. Limits imposed on our Constitutional free speech rights
3. Insisting everyone accept the gay “marriage” culture
4. Cancel cultural, which opposes American culture of individual freedom & liberty
5. The judgmental Democrats calling whites “racist from birth.” This judgmentalism has caused out culture to become more divided and inflamed.
6. Democrats change our public safety culture. All people – black, white Hispanic, Asian want to be safe from crime & violence. The culture warriors on the left have defunded the police & the result has been large increases in crime in many communities.
7. Promoting biological males to unfairly compete against women in sports.
8. Public school personnel keeping from parents the knowledge that their child is experiencing gender dysphoria & considering transitioning. Or when public school educators assist child to procure an abortion without parental/guardian knowledge. This child abuse culture is promoted by Democrats.
9. Promoting & demanding the killing of babies in the womb & even outside the womb is a leftist attack on our pro-life culture.
10. Democrats are warring on our voting culture: attempting to nationalize our elections from Washington, D.C. & institutionalizing voter fraud via a) unsecure drop boxes b) duplicate voting c) voting someplace other than your precinct d) the dead voting e) votes of nonexistent people f) counting spoiled ballots & those cast beyond the deadline. Our elections have become less fair & honest.

The Democrats culture wars goal is cultural Marxism – group think, collectivism, total control of your life and economic Marxism, which destroys capitalism, free enterprise & ultimately prosperity. The culture wars destroy the body and greatly harm our souls & spirits.

These wars are the domain of the Democrats not the Republicans.

Gregg Schweiger
Duluth, Minnesota