Events For 11/23/2018

9am-5pm Fri. Nov. 23

The Great Glensheen Outdoor Tacky Christmas Display

Walk Glensheen’s grounds as you look for sharks, unicorns, spaceships and see Duluth’s tackiest outdoor Christmas display! Take as long as you’d like, with your friends and family in tow, as you wander through an eclectic blend of blow-up decor, dangling ornaments, and socializing snowmen.

Glensheen Mansion 3300 London Rd., Duluth

Cost: $5

Age: All Ages

5pm Fri. Nov. 23

2 Dug Night

Keyport Lounge 1900 Belknap St., Superior

6-10pm Fri. Nov. 23

Maxi Childs Trio

Black Water Lounge 231 E. Superior St., Duluth

6pm Fri. Nov. 23

Similar Dogs

Belknap Lounge 130 Belknap St., Superior

6pm Fri. Nov. 23

Briand Morrison

Sir Benedict's Tavern 805 E. Superior St., Duluth

7pm Fri. Nov. 23

One Less Guest

Spirit Room 1323 Broadway St., Superior

7pm Fri. Nov. 23

Bill & Kate Isles

Ursa Minor Brewing 2415 W. Superior St. Suite B, Duluth

8pm Fri. Nov. 23

Black-eyed Snakes

Cedar Lounge/Earth Rider Brewery 1715 N. 3rd St., Superior

8pm Fri. Nov. 23

Zakk & Bella

Izzy's BBQ Lounge 1506 N. 3rd St., Superior

Cost: $5

8pm Fri. Nov. 23

Circuit Breakers

Dance to Rock with horns, harmonies and high energy. Feat. Bobby on guitar & alto sax, Doctor Rock on keys & tenor sax, plus "Fiddlin' Nick!"

Mike's Place Bar 1807 N. 11th St., Superior

Cost: Free!

Age: 21+

9pm Fri. Nov. 23

Greg Highlands

Sir Benedict's Tavern 805 E. Superior St., Duluth

9pm Fri. Nov. 23

Tempted Fate

Cast Iron Bar & Grill 5906 Old Miller Trunk Hwy, Duluth