Blush One Year Anniversary

August 21, 9 pm: àlamode, Sharon Is Karen, The Crunchy Bunch
August 22, 9pm: Mint Vintage, Panther Ray, The God Eaters, Special guest
August 23, 5pm: Laura Mae, Gavin St. Clair, Third Twin Sister (Free show)
August 23, 9pm: Two Houses, Moon Dogs, Raw Space, Ingeborg Von Aggasiz.
August 24, 9pm: Lung, Nat Harvie Trio, Double Grave, Low Forms
August 25, 5pm Bob Bucks Jr., Little Lizard (Free show)
August 25, 9pm: Jaw Knee Vee, DJ Hazy Harold, Venus De Mars & All The Pretty Horses, In // Via

Tue. Aug. 21 9pm

Wed. Aug. 22 9pm

Thu. Aug. 23 5pm

Thu. Aug. 23 9pm

Fri. Aug. 24 9pm

Sat. Aug. 25 5pm

Sat. Aug. 25 9pm

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