Separated at birth? Butt-head and Rep. Matt "Anus-head" Gaetz.

The crucifixion of Trump?
“If you are not sure you can vote for a convicted criminal remember you worship one” Frank Pavone, a defrocked Catholic priest, militant anti-abortion activist and Trump supporter.
Since Trump was convicted on 34 counts of falsifying business records to cover up hush money payments to a porn star, there have been a spate of ridiculous assertions that the trial was politically motivated. Republicans are claiming it was rigged and poor, innocent Trump is a martyr like Jesus.
Clearly Trump is not in any way like Jesus. He certainly doesn’t behave like a Christian. He is not God’s chosen one, nor a savior nor a martyr. Frank Pavone’s stupid insinuation that Trump is being crucified is absurd.
The facts are Trump was charged in open court and convicted unanimously by a jury extensively vetted, examined and approved for their impartiality by Trump’s defense lawyers. Unlike Jesus, Trump was guilty and his case was adjudicated as fairly as any in an imperfect world.
If you are still voting for Trump (or sending money to him) you are a bigger fool than he is.

Black families were stronger 
under Jim Crow? 
Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL), campaign-ing for Donald Trump, argued Black families were stronger during the Jim Crow era. Only in the “alternative facts” ignorance of a MAGA nut job were Black families better off under Jim Crow.
Donalds (who is Black) said, “You see, during Jim Crow, the Black family was together. During Jim Crow, more Black people were not just conservative – Black people have always been conservative minded –  but more Black people voted conservatively.” 
Earth to Byron: under Jim Crow the vast majority of Black people were not allowed to vote! 
“Uncle Tom” Donalds went on to blame the deterioration of Black families on Democratic social programs to help the poor and end racial discrimination and economic inequality. He said, “ had more Black families under Jim Crow, and it was the Democrat policies – under the welfare state – that did help to destroy the Black family.” 

There are reasons Florida Republicans don’t want history, especially Black history, accurately taught. Educated, “woke” people will see their lies.

Libraries under attack
In 21st century America we should not be fighting to protect the right to read. We should not be defending public and school libraries from attacks by religious zealots or political reactionaries. But in the “land of the free” this is what is happening.
Today our economy is driven by science, technology, engineering and knowledge. Education fueled our past successes and is the key the future. But large segments of our population, enabled by the radical Republicans, are pushing misinformation and ignorance.
Texas Freedom to Read Project “support[s] the freedom for all students’ to have access to books they see themselves reflected in, and to read stories about experiences and identities very different than their own.” 
The Texas Freedom to Read Project ( says that because of staff and budget cuts 33,545 students in Texas have been hurt. They have, “lost someone who gets them excited about reading. Someone who guides them to a story or the information that they need. Someone who teaches them to research...They lost a safe place. An adult on campus who can be a listening ear.”

Republican stupidity hurts kids and people of all ages.

Paying for sex through Venmo
What does one say about skeezy Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, who was dumb enough to pay sex workers through his Venmo account. The House Ethics Committee last week announced that after speaking with more than a dozen witnesses, including women Gaetz paid to be with him, and issuing 25 subpoenas, the bipartisan House panel said it will continue to gather evidence that the Florida congressman “engaged in sexual misconduct and illicit drug use” and accepted gifts in violation of House rules, and then “sought to obstruct government investigations of his conduct.” A woman now in her 20s has alleged that Gaetz had sex with her when she was 17, and that he paid a convicted sex trafficker for the privilege. Several news reports also accused Gaetz of bragging to his House colleagues about the drugs he takes to “go all night” and showing them naked photos of women he had sex with.

This is the same election-denying idiot who said he is "proud" of the work Capitol rioters did on January 6, 2021, "to make legitimate arguments about election integrity."
It seems Matt Gaetz isn't just a dumb Republican, he's an evil human being as well.

Of course, not all Republicans are stupid. Some are just ignorant. For the difference between the two, see:

If Trump doesn’t show up for the debate Thursday night (after the Reader has gone to press), this explains the setup created for his no-show by his campaign: