Child marriage? What century do Republicans live in?
New Hampshire Republican state Rep. Jess Edwards recently said, “...we continually restrict the freedom of marriage...[for} people who are of a ripe, fertile age...” 
He was opposing a bill to set the legal marriage age at 18 years old.
According to Edwards out-of-wedlock pregnancies are often involved and, therefore, child marriage is “a much more desirable alternative” to abortion and “marriage might be the right solution for some freedom-loving couples.”
Of course, heaven forbid that young girls have the “freedom” to access sex education or contraceptives! Republicans have frequently opposed these sensible, more effective, ways to reduce teen pregnancies.
Research shows about 300,000 children under 18 (some as young as 10) were married between 2000 and 2018 in the U.S. Most were underage girls marrying adult men. 
How much real “freedom of choice” did these girls have?
Thankfully idiots like Edwards were a minority. The bill passed the New Hampshire senate unanimously and the House by 193-174.

Republicans oppose 
workplace safety
In November of 2023, 131 Republican U.S. House members voted to completely defund the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). All five Wisconsin Republican representatives voted to kill efforts protect workers from workplace injuries, illnesses and deaths. This one more – of many – examples of Republican’s putting profits before people.

In the last 53 years OSHA has dramatically improved workplace safety across many occupations. Annual worker deaths have been cut by 2/3. There are only one quarter as many injuries and illnesses as before OSHA was created. This has been good for businesses, workers and society as a whole.
Republicans ignore that government “regulations” are laws created to address past problems. There were problems with unsafe workplaces, industrial pollution, child labor abuses, fraudulent business practices and unsafe food and consumer products. Lie, cheat, steal and exploit in pursuit of profit was standard business practice in the past. Workers, consumers, and the public paid the price for unregulated “free markets.”

“Law and order” Republicans are hypocrites motivated by campaign contributions. They don’t care about the consequences of their anti-government, anti-regulation stupidity for all the rest of us. .

Socialism is good!
“...every day, I will fight socialism, and I will defend freedom, “Rep. Tom Tiffany (R-WI). Tom frequently rants about socialism. But Tom doesn’t understand that people working together cooperatively is good for people and the economy. Tom doesn’t understand that government is usually an essential way people work together for the common good.

The real problems facing people in Northwest Wisconsin are the cost of health care, lack of living-wage jobs, student loan debt, poisoned water wells, underfunded schools, decline of family farms and no retirement savings. 
Socialism did not cause these problems. These problems are caused a by uncontrolled free market capitalism.
An example is the Wisconsin public employee retirement program. A recent report documents the positive economic impact from the Wisconsin Retirement System (which provides modest retirement incomes to 238,000 former teachers, state, city and county public servants). 
In 2023 retirees received $7.1 billion in benefits that supported over 50,000 private sector jobs paying paying $2.7 billion in wages. The multiplier effect resulted in $8.1 billion in economic activity for Wisconsin. These retirees paid $1.2 billion is federal, state and local taxes. Plus the program is self-supporting and no tax dollars are used to pay retiree benefits.

Social Security, Medicare and many other social programs (what Tom falsely calls “socialism”) have similar positive economic impacts, especially for rural and small town communities.
Another example of people working together through government is the 30 local community hospitals and out-patient clinics in Northwest Wisconsin’s 7th Congressional District (represented by Tiffany). 
None of these vital community services would exist without federal subsidies. Free market capitalism can’t and won’t fill this need. It is not profitable enough.
Tiffany and other Republicans are simply wrong about public social programs which they deride as “socialism.”

Stauber is a law enforcement hypocrite
Shortly after blockheaded Congressman Pete Stauber sent out a postcard to residents in his district stating that he is “standing with Minnesota’s law enforcement heroes against criminals,” he voiced partisan support for the convicted felon leading his party of backwards elephants.
“Attacks on law enforcement officers are on the rise both on the streets and in the courtrooms, so it is more important than ever to support our local heroes,” the braindead Stauber writes in his postcard, just before defending the skanky manchild his party of dopes pays fealty to.
While the stinky felon attacks our very democracy and justice system, Petey and his simpleminded MAGAtts pretend they are true patriots. 
That can only mean one of two things –  they think we are dumb as stumps or they are truly dumb as stumps. Either way, PS needs to be voted out of office.