Back to Boulkevard Brewing of Kansas City this week. Last week it was a really delicioous grapefruit wheat. This week is a ginger lemon Radler from Boulevard.

Radler’s are a German invention, made light and refreshing to satisfy during a bike ride – originally known as Radlermass” in Bavaria, that translates to “cyclist liter.”

The story goes that during a German cycling boom during the Roaring Twenties, an innkeeper on a bike trail was running low on beer, he blended it with lemon soda and a new bev was born.

They are distantly related to the British shandy, however the difference is that while the shandy combines a light lager or pilsner with lemonade, lemon soda or giiner beer, a radler might use a lager or wheat beer combined with citrus juice. In the case of Boulevard’s Radler, they use lemon juice, lemon extract and fresh sqeezed ginger to create a very refreshing and light beer.

While most radlers are very low in alcohol content – the German brands Stiegl and Schöfferhofferweigh in at 2.5 percent, Boulebard’s is 4 percent – still light enough to to keep your wheels rolling.