A stout imperial and grapefruit wheat

Jim Lundstrom

A delicious grapefruit wheat from the home of the Super Bowl champions.

That first sip was intense – black licorice, the blackest of coffee, the darkest of chocolate. And what is that hanging in at the end – is that the very Earth’s blood itself?

Samuel Smith’s Imperial Stout is a bruiser of a beer, with so many deep, dark flavors assaulting your palate with each sip. It’s a fantastically yummy stout.

This is a beer best kept in your basement rather than in your magic fridge. The Samuel Smith brewery suggests their Imperial Stout is best served at 15 Centrigrade, or about 60 Fahenheit. If it’s too cold, you willabsolutely lose some of the rich flavors that make this beer so distinctive.  

I thought of following it with a second one, but instead I reached into the magic fridge and pulled out a can of Grapefruit Wheat beer from the Boulevard Brewing co. 

I have to admit I was skeptical. Grapefruit and wheat? Well, the magic fridge has rarely let me down, so instead of trying another pick, I cracked open the can of wheat and poured a hazorange liquid into my glass. I took a whiff and, yup, that’s grapefruit all rright.

OMG! What a delicious beer. The grapefruit is upfront all the way and tastes delicious and refreshing. It comes across as a sour wheat, teasing the palate with the tangy grapefruit flavor. 

This is my new breakfast beer. Well, not that I had an old breakfast beer, but if there was ever an occasion to have a beer with breakfast, this is the one I would choose.