Super Kriek
(sung to the tune of “Super Freak,” with apologies to the late Rick James)
That beer is pretty wild now 
(the beer’s a Super Kriek)
The kind of beer you read about 

(in new-wave magazines)
That beer is pretty kinky 

(the beer’s a Super Kriek)
I really love to taste it 

(every time we meet)
It’s alright, it’s alright
That beer’s alright with me
Yeah, hey, hey, hey, hey!

It’s a Super Kriek, Super Kriek
It’s super-freaky, yow
Everybody sing
Super Kriek, Super Kriek

Superior Kriek is a lovely limited release blend of beers by one of my favorite breweries, Ommegang of Copperstown, N.Y. 
Super Kriek is a blend of the brewery’s Oud Bruin Ale and Belgian Kriek, or cherry beer.
Consequently, the beer when poured has a bronze tone to it with a thick tawny head. It smells like a sour, and comes on with a bright cherry tartness. I happily ran into a very good deal on cases of this delicious beer. Guaranteed it will brighten your day.
Just for the halibut, I decided to make a blend of my own. While drinking a Super Kriek in a smallish snifter, I decided to crack open a bottle of Guinness Extra Stout, topping off the Super Kriek with Guinness. 
Yum! It’s like drinking a liquid chocolate and cherry cake. The flavors of each enhance the other. Blends are a beautiful thing.