Letters: Feb. 8, 2024

What is wrong with you?

Dear Representatives and Senators and President,  

You must stop using my tax money for funding America's and Israeli genocide. I am sure you know that my tax money has already destroyed Gaza, killed going on 30,000 mostly women and children, and injured so many more. America must stop it NOW!  

Is the US government nothing more than the most deadly organized criminal gang that has ever existed? Has the US continued to have no soul?  What is wrong with you??  

Very angry

Steve Johnson – Ely, Minnesota

Practice animal kindness  

Regarding the great animal cruelty issues of our day – the Twin Ports has been great about giving up fur when learning how cruel the industry is. But, slow to really get on board with choosing cruelty-free personal care and household products. The information is so small on the label. It takes an effort. Can the Twin Ports change from animal cruelty to animal kindness in its purchasing power?  

Karen Moore – Duluth, Minnesota  

Trump is a corrupt and power-hungry person

I appreciate Mr. Brackens's sincere words and his feelings about being disliked by Democrats, but his feelings are not what I or any other Democrats are opposed to. We are opposed to Trump's constant lies and his mob boss approach to governing our country, (which consists of both Mr. Brackens's fellow Americans and all the supporters of Biden).

Bracken is right to cherish the fact that he served In Frankfurt Germany between 1971 and 1972. During that time many protesters were voicing their opposition to the war in Vietnam and some of them even blamed the soldiers who enlisted or were inducted, for obeying the draft. My own feelings were that both the Johnson and Nixon administrations were at fault for causing more than 50,000 American deaths in a war that just could not be won. And for that reason, I called on politicians to give up beating the dead horse that a victory in Viet Nam had become.  

I don't dislike Mr. Bracken, everyone has a right to think what they want, I just think his allegiance to Trump is wrong in so many ways.  

My first warning was during the Republican convention in 2015 where the late great Rudy Guliani led a chant encouraging the desire to lock up Hillary Clinton – a level of incivility I had never seen during a National political convention! My next encounter was with Trump's crudeness, including his advice to those in the crowd to carry protesters out and punch them in the nose. And if that weren't enough, he also promised to pay the legal and medical bills of anybody who did so. What is that but an open call for violence instead of tolerance?  

In the last few decades, Republicans have turned politics on its head by claiming first, that the obvious people to blame for global warming were not the conservative think tanks and the Republicans who gave vast amounts of money to secure their lucrative ways of living, but rather. The knowledgeable scientists who studied global warming, and somehow plotting to corner the world's future energy markets – and being part of a global plot to get rich by doing lucrative research about global warming)?

Then these high-power and influential Republicans began weaponizing politics by accusing Democrats of using the Justice Department against Trump, instead of pointing to the many very wealthy people who made their fortunes while being part of the very lucrative oil industry, (instead of admitting that Trump had been weaponizing the Republican party to overlook the obvious culprits) – wealthy Republicans who clung to their own profitable ways of making money, instead of working to save our worldwide climate from irreparable harm, while spreading Trump’s blame-the-victims strategy nationwide.  

Many Evangelical Republicans today, insist that it doesn't matter what Trump says, but rather, what he does. But in the Book of Matthew Jesus warns us that: "What comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart, and this defiles a person."

So excuse me Mr. Bracken but I believe that Trump is a corrupt and power-hungry person who uses the same statements over and over again, to deceive all Americans. If there is any office that needs to disseminate real facts, it is the Presidency of the United States! And Trump falls way behind any of his predecessors, most of whom knew how important it is to accept the peaceful transition of power with grace, and to protect the Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic! .But if none of his lies are backed up by facts, then what does that make us? A banana Republic whose rulers gain power by illegally using a different set of electors to deny the results of legitimate elections?

Hillary could have demanded recounts and taken her case to many courts too, simply because she lost many states by a very thin margin. But instead, in the wee hours of the next morning she graciously conceded to Trump. Here are three links: "The mob was fed lies:" Mitch McConnell says Trump "provoked" deadly rioting at US Capitol    

And this video: Where Hillary's most important comments come after the 7-minute mark, listen to them and honestly tell me who is the good loser and who is not:   https://youtu.be/khK9fIgoNjQ   Then there is this video of Trump's Attorney General, William Barr, admitting under oath that he told Trump that his stolen election claims were BS!     https://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2022/06/10/barr-trump-election-bullshit-2022-january-6-hearings-sot-vpx.cnn  

So, may we all become sincere Americans and elect our Presidents by judging their understanding of, and allegiance to, the Consitution of the United States!