My daughter Clare is a big fan of fruited sour beers, especially those from Untitled Art, which operates out of Octopi Brewing in Waunakee, Wis. Last time she paid a visit, she brought me several cans of Untitled Art brews, including one she said is extra special, Cherry Sour a La Mode, a delicious Berliner Weisse-style of beer.

From the title you can surmise that it is brewed with cherries and lactose (lactose is milk sugar standing in for the “ala mode”). But I wasn’t thinking of any of that when I cracked open the 16 oz. can while working.

As I took the first exploratory sips, I thought I was drinking a liquified cherry Danish. Of course, as the name implies, cherry pie with a dollop of ice cream is what they were going for, but being in the throes of work, my mind wasn’t thinking of the title when I associated the taste as a pastry beer.

Once I got around to looking it up (long after I had emptied the glass), I learned that cinnamon and vanilla are also used in the recipe. It's a rich, tart but balanced fruit beer that should put a big smile on your face. It did on mine.

Unlike the traditionally low ABV of Berliner Weisse, which is typically about 3%, Cherry Sour a La Mode weighs in at 6%.

Untitled Art does limited release beers that change monthly. Check out some of the exotic titles from the past year:

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Pastry Stout

Guava Kiwi Berry Gluten-free Smoothie

Mango Lassi A La Mode

Fruited Sour Blueberry Rhubarb A La Mode

Fruited Sour White Grape

Sour Cotton Candy IPA

Cherry Strudel Fruited Sour

Barrel Aged Coconut S,mores Pastry Stout

Strawberry Rhubard A La Mode Fruited Sour

Mango Cherry Dragonfruit

Gluten-free Smoothie Meyer Lemondrop Juice Drops IPA

7-Layer Bay Pastry Stout

And that’s just a sampling of what they released last year. If you are interested in trying some Untitled Arts brews, the website has an excellent locator that tells you not only where to find their products, but exactly what is available at the liquor store of taphouse. Nine locations are listed in the Twin Ports, including Corktwon Dlie, Sir Benedict’s and 7 West Taphouse in Superior.