Biden and the Second Coming

Ed Raymond

Eighty Million Eligible Voters did not Vote in the DSA in 2020 – Why Not?    

In the first week of February, 2023, Deborah Doub, 59, shot and killed her husband James Daub, 62, Morgan Daub, their daughter, then killed her mother Deborah, and then killed herself. Pennsylvania township police said the murders and suicide “appeared to be a joint decision from notes left behind.”  The fundamentalist Christian family was considered by neighbors to be “forever” Trumpers, because they were outspoken in their political beliefs and filled their front yard with pro-Trump banners and anti-abortion signs.

Neighbor Fred Stabley said the family was “never shy about letting anybody know what their beliefs were, and “were hell-bent on Trump winning the 2020 election like this could be end if he doesn’t.”

Morgan had been homeschooled, wasn’t allowed to use social media, have a boyfriend, or even go out with any “friends.” Documents revealed Morgan had been hearing auditory hallucinations (voices) for some time. A childhood friend said Morgan had been raised in “a very up-tight Christian household.”   This was not an unusual religious kerfuffle. Millions of Christians have been killed by Muslims. Romans, lions, Catholics, Savonarolas, Hitlers, David Koreshs, crocodiles, Marshall Applewhites, Genghis Khans and other religions with 28,000 gods.

Even if someone has chipped “thou shall not kill” on stone tablets. It doesn’t matter that “God’s Chosen” Inmate #P01135809 with four indictments and 91 criminal charges, doesn’t love any of his neighbors. His cult will vote for him come climate-change hells or high waters In the Trumplican cult only one person is the decider and  has erections over insurrections.  

Here are the Main Reasons Why Millions did not Vote in 2020    

Several recognized national polls reveal why 80 million eligible voters did not vote in 2020 while 154.6 million did: (1) 29%, or 25.8 million, were not registered to vote, (2) 23% said they were not interested in politics, (3) 20% didn’t like either candidate, (4) 16% felt their vote would not make any difference, and (5) 10% were undecided whom to vote for. Most of the 80 million were young, make less money than average, have low levels of education, and feel disengaged, disaffected, and don’t believe politics can make a difference in their lives.   Although 75% think it’s relatively easy to vote, they have a feeling of alienation and apathy and do not even listen to daily news. A solid majority of the non-voters feel presidents make no difference. They are also less engaged in their communities and often do not even recognize local governments. They do not volunteer for community services and do not participate in protests, marches, and demonstrations. They also say traditional political parties and politicians do not care about poor people, the mainstream TV and other media are more interested in making money than in telling the truth, and that the American economy is rigged to advantage the rich and powerful.   Only 38% of the non-voters watched the Democratic and Republican conventions or presidential debates while 66% of the voters said they did. Less than 25% of the non-voters said campaigns had reached out to them, or offered information to them---or even asked them to vote! Asked what would encourage them to vote, 35% said none or nothing, 27% said clean up government, 20% said more capable candidates, 16% said automatic registration would help them vote, and 15% said that Election Day should be a national holiday.   Nonvoters make less money, have lower levels of education, don’t own homes, and are not married. They are often young Latinos and Blacks between the ages 18 and 34 and represent only 7% of voters. Only 21% of voters made $50,000 a year or less, while 43% of nonvoters did. Just 25% of voters had a high school diploma or less, but a majority (52%) of nonvoters had one. Sixty percent of voters were married, but only 44% of nonvoters were. This emphasized that dual incomes are necessary to live in most parts of the country.  

Democrats cannot Win in 2024 without the Coherent Theory of Change by Bernie    

Joe Biden keeps claiming he is a “union man”, but who was the man the United Auto Workers Union asked to address a big rally in Detroit on the first day of its strike against the three major auto manufacturers? It was Senator Bernie Sanders who at a young 80 is a Pied Piper when it comes to attracting young to the voting booths. The unions know that old Joe was responsible for turning his state of Delaware into a tax haven for corporations and possesses only one political skill—getting elected while creating another Tower of Babble.

Bernie, a Capitalistic Democratic Socialist, is coherent while throwing powerful punches and attacking his opponents around the ropes in the political ring. Here are just a few of his punches thrown at the rally:

1. “The fight you are waging here is not just about decent wages and working conditions and pensions in the automobile industry. It is a fight to take on corporate greed and to tell the people on top, this country belongs to all of us, not just a few.”

2. “A recent Gallup Poll had 75% of Americans supporting the UAW. They are sick and tired of an economy in which the rich get richer while working families struggle and the most desperate sleep out on the streets.”

3. “In America today you’ve got three billionaires on top owning more wealth than the bottom half of American society. Despite all that wealth 60% of our people are living pay to paycheck.”

4. “In the last 50 years there has been a massive redistribution of wealth. Problem is, it’s gone in the wrong direction. Instead of going from the top to bottom, it’s gone from the bottom up to top.”

5. “I say to Mary Barra, the CEO of General Motors last year, you made over $29 million. Since you became CEO eight years ago you have made over $200 million in total compensation. Do you have any clue what it’s like for one of your workers to try to survive on $17 an hour?”  

My questions is: How many millions of the young and 80 million who have not voted in 2020 can be attracted to the voting booths by Biden or by Bernie?  

What’s in the 2024 Trumplican  Political Platform?  

Pro-White Supremacy    Low Taxes    Anti-Abortion   Anti-Women   Anti-Climate Change    Anti-Science    Anti-Sex   Anti-LBGTQIA+    Anti-Immigration    Anti-DACA    Anti-Democracy     Anti-BLM   Anti-Union     Anti-Pensions      Anti-Contraceptives    Anti-Social Security     Anti-Medicare     Anti-Medicaid  

What’s in the 2024 Democratic Political Platform?  

Parental Leave     Repeal of Right-to-Work Laws    Abortion Pro Choice    Sick Leave     Internal Revenue Service Reforms     Approval of DACA Program   Restoration of Voting Rights Act     Restore Campaign Fund Restrictions(Citizens United)      Eliminate Tax Havens in U.S. and  World     Climate Change     Second Amendment Sanctuaries     U.S. Homelessness      Gun Control     Economic Inequality    Restore Affirmative Action          Nuclear Energy, Solar, and Wind Renewables      National Park Funding   Federal Minimum Wage     Student Debt Cancellation     Property Insurance Increases     January 6 Insurrection    Transgender Laws      Gay Conversion Therapy      Universal Healthcare    OSHA Laws and Regulations     Funding of NATO      National Defense Budget     Artificial Intelligence      National Debt     Income Tax Loopholes    Restoration of Environmental Protection Agency Regulations      Maintenance of Separation of Church and State     Automatic Voter Registration      Gerrymandering     Immigration Reform    Drug Political Treatment and Enforcement      Statehood for Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C.    Foreign Trade     Book Banning      Child Care      Library Funding and prosecution of Librarians     Supreme Court Conduct      Critical Race Education Programs    

These issues are just a few that need to be debated and resolved if we are going to keep a democracy. Who is the most effective person to convince some of the 80 million eligibles who didn’t vote in 2020 to enter a voting booth? Joe Biden has had the reputation of talking too much and thinking too little. Where is the list of his accomplishments? His major accomplishment was getting elected senator six times. He barely beat Trump in 2020 using the issues fought for by Senator Sanders who constantly attracted young people to his political rallies.  

We Have Too Many Old Bold Politicians Who Ignore the Young—and the Future    

I will always remember what Air Force test pilot Chuck Yaeger told a group of pilot trainees. Here was a man who faced death many times in flying Air Force X-1 to break the sound barrier for the first time: “There are old pilots and there are bold pilots, but there are no old bold pilots.” 

He flew all kinds of airplanes in test flights, but he was a dedicated flight engineer who checked everything before getting in the cockpit. He died recently at age 97. Yaeger was a WW II flying ace with 64 combat missions over Europe and was proud of this fact: “The first time I ever saw a jet fighter, I shot it down.”

But this quote reveals more about the essence of the man: “I was always afraid of dying. Always it was my fear that made me learn everything I could about my airplane and my emergency equipment, and kept me flying respectful of my machine and always alert in the cockpit.”  Here is the type of person we need to lead us through the perilous 21st Century. There are old politicians and there are bold politicians--but are there any old bold politicians today who are capable leaders? I think not. We need someone in the prime of life who has Yaeger’s qualities who can convince young voters they have a future.  

Biden at almost 81, because of DNA, genetics, IQ, and yet undiscovered reasons, is too old for the job. His administration has accomplishments, but solving the economic inequality issue is not one of them. The young voter has to be convinced that the Democratic Party will solve the problem of good-paying jobs, paying for college, health care, child care, housing, and a few more issues I listed above.   

Democrats have good governors who have enough experience and political skills to be strong federal leaders. California Governor Gavin Newsome is doing an excellent job in a state with 40 million people and an economy that is the eighth largest in the world.  California often serves the nation as a testing ground for new policies.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee is an environmentalist who could lead us in containing climate-change.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Witmer Is doing a terrific job in a difficult purple state loaded with nasty Trump “anti-everythings” who carry AR-15s wherever they damn please and threaten people with kidnapping and death. She would be my first choice and Inslee would make a good vice-president with the portfolio of environment and climate-change. Men have put us in this dismal hole. Maybe a smart woman can pull us out.  

Pew Reseearch Center on September 16th reported Americans viewed our politics as “dismal.” That word is not ugly enough. In 1994 only 6% viewed both political parties negatively. Today that figure has ballooned to 28%--and only 4% say government is working well.

We desperately need two parties that will restore American faith in a working government P.S. To the MAGA cult: Please e-mail me and identify the years or decades when the country was great.