A public domain image from Edward Lear's 1894 Laughable Lyrics: A Fourth Book of Nonsense Poems, Songs, Botany, Music, etc.

I selected solar revolution as a title rather than solar revolt in order to pose as a more peaceful and universal proposal. You see, we, as all of modern society, are pretty much in agreement with old Egypt’s ahead-of-his-time leader Akhenaten who proposed the solar Aten or Aton as key to all and every life.

It’s true, the blessed sun shines (dependent on weather, time of day, etc.) for and on everyone. It is the universal life-gift radiated to each and every hu-person or people on the planet. No wonder the ancient Egyptian worship of life gloried in the splendid sun instead of the muddy alluvial Nile. Hail Aten and Aton, and Huey and Dewey too. Honor to all manifestations of sublime sunny truth.  

Roughly a handful of thousand years later we rejoin Akhenaten’s warm vision of a universe and world blessed by the beaming solar disk of Aten-Aton, Sol. What took us so long to embrace the visionary view of the long gone pharaoh? Can’t be the evil i-c engine chugging carbons into the night that held us back, not for all the long millennia when water, wind and fire (people and person kind’s individual gift of the mini-sun to light and warm). In the long span of history it was fire, water and wind that held us back from embrace of the solar good and the Atonic deity.  

The sun, perfect celestial disk, shines for and on all equally (except for benefiting some skin surfaces more than others) for the betterment (excluding burns and cancers) of the lowly naked ape forced to appropriate through theft and death to skins of other creatures deprived of life in order for the bare monkey to dress itself for protection from the sun’s full blessing and preserve itself from cold when the Sol departed for a night’s rest, especially where it froze (not Egypt) hard every night. But take heart and hope. The Aton-Aten Sol did not abandon us and was only waiting our eventual enlightenment when we finally rose to battle the dark (color of carbon) gods of the non-Sol. (Some pot-potential word smithery in the forgery going on there, hammer of Thor!)  

But, hear, hair and hark the distant voice of Akhenaten calling his children to the solar cause. Hear and bow down and obey. (No fun being pharaoh without being obeyed.) But for the good and proper cause of solar blessing benefits for all, equally, except for cave dwellers, parasol carriers, night shift workers and other dwellers in darkness needing to be rescued.  

As a free, rational, and enlightened being you can reject deifying the Aton-Aten Sun, but turning from its universal blessed truth is not acceptable. Solar (aided by unpredictable wind – Zephyrus aka Boreas who killed, I trust you remember, beautiful young Hyacinthus to spite Apollo the sunniest of the Grecian formula gods. Many spans of time after Akhenaton the Greeks struggled with solaric belief and policy in their temples) will save us! Look ‘round because I’ve touched on only two Mediterranean versions, because, really, every time and culture has seen the bleeding obvious of warmth life growth and blessings in the sunny beams of light of day.  

All ancients knew what we so failed to recognize. Little grows or thrives in the dark of cave gloom. The ancients truly smelled this truth in the stink of moldering bat droppings piled deep in nasty dank dark rips in mother earth’s skin. But (as was so before WWI & fertilizer production came to be) they knew when brought to sun’s blessed light this foul material was a gift (along with collected bird droppings and animal manure) of natural abundance not realized until the touch of earth and Sun was added. Oh Woe and Pity so many of all our ancestors were forced to endure the odorous odours of fertilizers not far enough removed from their source.  

But wait. I’ve gone too far from topic, but forgive my stumbling through five millennia of brave struggle in order to reach this spinal peak on time’s backbone where we are at last and finally able to throw off the dark and dreary footprint of charcoal, coal, wood and carbon to walk in the light of Sun’s perpetual (depending on location) day.  

Yet having reached this perfect time of wisdom and enlightenment we are deprived by dark forces conspiring to deny the All of the Aton-Aten Sol equally to all as required by divine law. What do I mean? I mean it is ill, carbon footed demons who deny us the sun’s equal benefits. Lured by the carbon feet prints leading deeper into lampblack darkness the deniers of Aten-Aton Sol step in to dole the ALL blessing to a select and favored few unshadowed and unshaded by circumstance beyond their control leaving them marginalized and pushed aside into the gloom of solar ineligibility, a condition made up and enforced by ill rule of leaders in carbon darkness.  

Akhenaten leads the way. The solar disk, the Aten-Aton Sol is for all and belongs to all. All are entitled to their equal due under the sun, crediting and blessing every apartment dweller lacking a private roof and every home shaded by neighbors or trees or clouded days. By far worse, the sun’s usurpers allow the maximum of credit and opportunity to those stealing the sun’s power in the inefficient and unequitable form of the stand-alone property greedily taking up more space and benefit than carbon worshipers grant those living properly in compact efficiency units with shared and central facilities. Those who are most faithful to the solar cause are the ones least graced by the wielders of power based in dark carbon.   Some heretics say nuclear would save our dark nights or short and cold winter days, but the only nuclear for all is the heavenly Aton-Aten Sol with nuclear hydrogen fire blessing us all from the heights of limitless space. Arise in solar revolution to claim your just share of solar panel reward where each has an acre to flourish in sunny happiness.  

And what do you think about that?