Letters March 16, 2023

Dan Kelly uncovered  

If you want to read something terrifying about Dan Kelly, which goes beyond his misguided views on abortions, this is it. Kelly has declared , in his past interviews “that all of our rights do not come from the Constitution, our rights come from god. It's up to the courts to protect these rights from the government.” If those beliefs sound familiar they should. They mirror the governments of Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Iran, all theocracy regimes. On Tuesday. April 4, there is an election for the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Judge Janet Protasiewicz is running against Dan Kelly. Judge Janet’s platform is simple and straight forward.  She believes that women are  capable and intelligent enough to make their own reproductive health care decisions and she vows to uphold the Constitution and not be inspired by divine interventions. It's a stark difference between the two candidates. To uphold the Constitution is reason enough to vote for Judge Janet Protasiewicz April 4, 2023.

Rick Arnold: Superior, Wisconsin

 The enemies are US  

This time it’s a Democrat president that has led the world into another war. Billions spent to super enrich the already rich bringing the world closer to global warming destruction and bringing the doomsday nuclear clock closer to a nuclear war, the closest it has ever been. Biden and any Washington politician (most) who has pushed America closer to war with Russia (and China) need to be put where they belong and that is on the street without a job and preferably behind bars.  The enemies are not Russia and China. The enemies are the U.S. politicians that forced Russia into doing what it did, backing them into a corner, forcing them to defend their country. The U.S. back in the Clinton (who by the way was also a war monger) era before the fall of the USSR assured the USSR that NATO would not go into the Ukraine. Russia did not want nuclear weapons placed on her doorstep as the U.S. wouldn’t want them on hers. America never wants peace. And America does not tell the truth. And Americans are gullible. Ukrainians and Russians are dying.  The world is under threat of nuclear war. Resources that should be put into solving global warming and other problems are not being put to good use. These are not crimes against the American people, against the world? Americans don’t want war but the corporate-owned media is good at beating the drums of war. And Americans are good at falling for the lies that are fed them. “Remember the Maine!” got Americans to back the war against Spain in the 1890s. (And then America quickly took over Spain’s role as occupier of Cuba). The U.S. (Reagan) invasion of Grenada was to supposedly to protect the American students there – lies. Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and their lies which led to the murder of 3 million Vietnamese. Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction were a total fabrication by the lying U.S. government. There are so many examples of this scenario of lies that have made Americans back wars. Many Americans are easily taken in by the corporate mass media. Even when most Americans don’t want the wars they are waged anyways. The U.S. government doesn’t listen to the people, it listens to the huge corporate interests. If we don’t wake up soon global warming will become irreversible and nuclear war could become more than just a threat. The biggest threat to a peaceful world is the government of the U.S. Stop sending weapons of war to the Ukraine. Stop believing Biden’s lies (all presidents). Everything the U.S. does internationally is to promote America’s power which it doesn’t want to share. All U.S. foreign activity is criminal. Stop the economic wars that make so many lives unbearable. Stop supporting Israel in its apartheid against the rightful owners of Palestine, stop the embargoes against Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Iran. The arrogance of the U.S. is disgusting. There is no greater ugliness in the world than what the US does to it.

Steve Johnson: Ely, Minnesota  

Article resonates with Two Harbors resident  

Although Roth Edwards’ article “What is the value of Washburn’s Jewel” did not specifically mention current proposals for the development of Washburn’s shoreline, there seemed to be some implications of this possibility. Edwards’ values about forests and the importance of natural beauty resonates strongly with me. Two Harbors is currently facing a situation of a proposed 26-unit townhouse development on Lighthouse Point/Agate Bay. This would involve cutting many trees, excavating rock to install sewer and water facilities and paving over large areas of land for roads and driveways. Gone would be our “Jewel.” Twenty years ago, many Two Harbors citizens fought against a similar development and won, partly due to the cost of the project. We hope that the current proposal will also be abandoned.

Judy Sausen: Two Harbors, Minnesota  

Absolute solution to all the world's problems  

I know how to absolutely solve all the world’s problems. FIRST: All the governments in the world (no exceptions) must join and work together in some sort of international organization, so that efforts can be effectively coordinated. Those with resources can bolster those with less. SECOND: Every single human being must be provided with the basic needs: food, clothing and shelter. No exceptions. When one has what one needs – a warm shelter at the end of the day, and even a comfortable pair of shoes – animosity and coveting will go away. THIRD: All children must be provided with free, responsible, ideologue-free education which reflects the best scholarship available. Key in this would be classes in critical thinking. No government support anywhere (including vouchers) for private or religious schools. This would thus provide a common patriotic experience for all citizens, which would knit countries together. The first eight years must be required, followed by however far any individual student wants to go. Educational institutions, in terms of both teachers and students, should be free of bias on the basis of sex, race or religion. FOURTH: Every human being alive should be provided with free, competent and up-to-the-minute scientifically based medical care. All medicines should be provided for free. Aging people should be provided with proper senior care. Disruptive emotional and developmental problems would receive accurate, effective and responsible treatment. If these conditions were met, this would eliminate wars, famine, ideological and religious struggle, environmental degradation, homelessness, greed, jealousy and other such ills which beset this planet. Out of this would come a more equitable society. It just remains for all of us to have the courage and motivation to do it. Why can’t we get started?

Ray Allard : Duluth, Minnesota  

So, there is a God!  

It is encouraging to note that as the pool of candidates for the DOP nomination in 2024 increases, the likelihood of Trump getting viewed as a viable contestant for the White House becomes increasingly slim. Trump is yesterday’s newspaper and his chances for the presidency become virtually nil. It will begin to dawn on this moron that his time in the limelight is at an end. Thank the Lord. There is a God! Ken Bracken: Minnesota Veterans Home, Minneapolis, Minnesota