Letters: Feb. 16, 2023

Movies to celebrate Black History Month

February is the shortest month, but there is still time to enjoy films, both old and new, for Black History Month and beyond. Stream/watch these online, or see if they are available to check out from our wonderful Duluth Public Library.
• A Family Thing (1996): When an elderly southern woman dies, she leaves a note for her apparent son (Robert Duvall) which reveals that his black biological mother died giving birth to him. He sets off to find his half-brother, a Chicago cop (James Earl Jones). Warm and loving depiction of black family life. (Some adult themes and language)

• Belle (2013): Historical drama, inspired by a true story, set in 1700s England. The illegitimate, biracial daughter of a Royal Navy Captain is raised by her aristocratic relatives. She faces social prejudice, but her life influences the movement to abolish slavery. The film illuminates the global dispersal of African peoples during the slave trade.

• The Black KKKlansman (2018): Funny, thought-provoking and, with the rise of white extremist groups in America today, very timely film about a black cop and his sidekick on an undercover mission to infiltrate the KKK. Based on a true story, with a great soundtrack of 1970s hits. Another gem from director Spike Lee.

• Judas and the Black Messiah (2021): Explores the costs of commitment to a cause as well as the many faces of betrayal. The film’s central question – to what lengths will power go to destroy black liberation? – is completely relevant for this time and a new generation.
And don’t forget the kids.
• The Frog and the Princess (2009): An updated take on a classic fairy tale, whose young black heroine is adventurous and resourceful.
Also consider Encanto (2021), a visually gorgeous fantasy that celebrates resiliency and individual strengths, set within a family and community of mixed skin hues.
I haven't seen Soul (2020), but coming from Pixar studio it’s bound to be colorful and inventive. It showcases black America's gift to the world, jazz. Academy Awards for Best Musical Score and Best Animated Feature. Rated PG.
Gerri Williams
Duluth Cinephile

Ukraine will prevail

The will to prevail is immeasurable. We are horrified by the planned, remorseless slaughter of innocent lives. The Ukrainians, led by the visionary leader Volodymyr will overcome this monstrous onslaught by their indomitable spirit and love of freedom. Preident Zelensky seeks only justice nd not vengeance. His genuine plea for assurances of help have to be met to expel this force and their murderous autocratic, blind leader.

Gerald Norrgard
Duluth, Minnesota