Letters: Jan. 26, 2023

Time to lean the right way

I live in Wisconsin where our election-denying U.S. Senator Ron Johnson, who by his (in)actions and words has made it clear he has no interest in representing AT LEAST 49.3% of Wisconsin’s voting electorate aka his (D) constituency, was elected to the third term he vowed not to seek. Johnson is awful and most of us – center right to left – understand this. Dems, you blew it. If you want to win, apparently the package has to be different than Mandela Barnes, who would have been an exciting and excellent candidate. You didn’t get him enough votes. That’s on you. But today my questions are for my fellow centrist voters who claim to LEAN right. First, why remain complicit with minority authoritarians by voting for candidates (and please be smarter than simply responding “all candidates lie”) who ironically say they are patriots yet make clear their aim is not to defend but rather dismantle this Republic? Second, why claim to be voting while “holding your noses?” Hogwash. If you are a centrist, left or right, you pull for the common good. It IS that simple. Do as Bush #43 did in 2020 – write in for a better candidate. In his case Condoleezza Rice. Vote for “We the People” by nominating a (R) moderate who will be far more inclusive than whomever the far right is supporting. So don’t vote for any who use the acronym RINO to vitriolically describe you. Why would YOU vote for THEM? Don’t vote for election deniers – even if, as they cowardly do, backpedal. The GOP is a mess, and you know it. Take back your damn party. Make it better. I may be center left, but I can assure you I and others will vote with you for the center right candidate who can oust a Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson, Tom Tiffany and others just as bad at the state level. 

Paul Barnes
Washburn, Wis.


Most of you will recognize the above acronym for the Better Business Bureau. However, the new definition is now Bye Bye Biden. Remember my November letter titled Bye Bye Nancy? Now the next step for the GOP and the House Republican majority is BBB!

The day after the Republicans won control of the House, the chair of the Oversight Committee, Rep. James Comer, held a press conference announcing the official investigation of Hunter Biden’s illegal and dangerous national security dealings with China of which all of the details and true facts are available to the FBI on Hunter’s famous laptop! Plus, confirmed facts about the “Big Guy” (Joe Biden).

 It will be very interesting to watch the proceedings of this investigation move forward very quickly with Rep. Jim Jordan also deeply involved. Plus, Senator Ted Cruz will be actively pursuing Articles of Impeachment towards President Joe Biden.

Remember when the Democrat controlled the House by Nancy Pelosi moved forward with Articles of Impeachment against President Trump? The basis for this action was the Russian collusion story and the Steele Dossier (which Hillary paid millions to fabricate those lies) and now proven to be 100% lies! Conversely, the Articles of Impeachment for Biden will be based on 100% facts from Hunter’s laptop! Joe will not be a candidate to run for the 2024 election plus his hiding classified documents is an illegal, unconstitutional incident.

 Chuck Bracken
Cannon Falls, Minnesota


Our beliefs and disbeliefs are protected under our Constitution.

Also, the protection of stopping any one, imposing or coercing their views on you.

Forced assimilation is a wicked practice and insidious in nature.

It leads to genocide ultimately and the death of one's existence.

Putin's forced kidnapping of Ukrainian children to indoctrinate the innocent into an autocratic empire is unforgivable.

Gerald Norrgard
Duluth, Minnesota