Letters: Dec. 1, 2022

Jesus Christ

Jesus intentionally came during the most violent evil time under Roman control where anyone could be tortured and killed including children, women, the old and handicap.
The Jews were told by the real God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that the Messiah will come to set all free of sin. Jesus was born in a stable where animals fed, grew up in a poor Jewish family and at age 30 spent three years preaching the truth, healing the sick and demonic possessed, leading believers to follow Him until at age 33 he was crucified by some Jewish leaders using the Roman government. In three days Jesus left the grave, rose from the dead and was seen by thousands and more after he died proven through word of mouth, written in the Bible for us to know and believe.

Because of Jesus’ teachings to love your neighbor, pray for your enemies, follow His commandments and to love one another, the entire evil Roman Empire fell and became Christian in about 300 years after Jesus. Emperor Constantine saw a cross in the sky heard Jesus tell him “by this sign you will prevail” so he put the sign of the cross on their shields and won the Empire which stopped Christian persecution and crosses were erected everywhere. Christians spread Jesus’ love and message throughout the world and we’ve actually had fewer wars, increased tourism and sharing ideas within the Christian countries. The unbelieving countries continued wars and hate.

Jesus’ words that there will be famines, war, cold hearts many easily offended refers to the Christian countries who have abandoned Jesus in favor of the world’s secular culture, glorifying demonic entertainment, drug use, sexualizing everything as the most evil, sexually mutilating children to change their sex.

Jesus is here asking all to follow Him, again.
Rosemarie Mitchell
Duluth, Minnesota

Why do they say...
“Actually, American families can invest in a share of Exxon Mobil for a little over $110, commission free on many online sites, but the Biden White House was not about to point it out.”
Do I really have to reveal yet another elephant hidden-in-plain-sight scam? How many shares of Exxon Mobil can struggling middle class families afford to buy? Will they ever have enough to cover food and clothes for their children, pay for their children’s school supplies, mortgage payments, loss of their banked income, their ability to send their children to college, and to provide for their children’s health care? The person who suggests such a thing is incredibly naïve and callous – He might as well be saying, “let them eat cake!”

Many people are living paycheck to paycheck, so to suggest that they can easily solve the problems that have been forced on them by Trump’s incredibly inept handling of the Covid 19 pandemic, and the broken supply chain that followed – simply by purchasing stocks that actually put more money directly into the hands of the same corporations that caused their problems in the first place, is asinine! The oil companies will not suffer but, obviously, someone earning less than $50,000 to $100,000/year will never be able to buy enough stock to significantly increase their incomes, even if such stocks remain money makers for the rest of their lives? To make money one must first have money, but when so much money is spent simply by getting people to and from work, or around town, then I would have to tell them to take their economic advice and stuff it where the sun doesn’t shine!

 We all know the philosophy! People who cannot make ends meet are victims of their own fear of hard work. But the biggest irony is that the middle and lower class do not want the wealthy to quit being rich, we would just like to see them not be so greedy! Sure a corporation exists to make money, but the middle class turns the wheels that Have brought their employees such fortunes! So what is so damned wrong, with showing some real compassion, and not just being dedicated to making more and more money? Couldn’t they give some of it back via better wages or just by becoming aware of their own good luck!

However companies which make more than 17 billion in profits in one quarter, just cannot afford to lose a few million in profits by lowering their prices and stimulating the economy with affordable gasoline at their pumps?
Peter W. Johnson
Superior, Wisconsin