Letters June 30, 2022

Restore balance to Supremes

Right now, the right to abortion care is at risk because of a deliberate, decades-long takeover of the Supreme Court by powerful right-wing extremists. We’re seeing the culmination of this takeover as the Court just overturned Roe v. Wade, the landmark ruling that made abortion access a constitutional right. This opens the door for states to outlaw abortion and take us back to a time when women were forced to go through with an unwanted pregnancy, potentially endangering their health and hurting their ability to provide for their families.

But it’s possible to undo this damage. The Judiciary Act would add four seats, restoring balance to the Supreme Court. It’s the solution that recent polling showed is supported by the majority of Americans, and it’s what we need to move away from partisan rulings that dismantle our rights and freedoms. And it’s been done before. In fact, Congress has changed the size of the Supreme Court seven times already in our nation’s history. It’s time to do it again.

I’m urging Congress to pass the Judiciary Act of 2021 to ensure we protect our fundamental freedoms and restore balance to our courts now.

William Brennan
Virginia, Minnesota

Facts without evidence

Recently I received a second letter from an unknown person who was angered by my previous comments in the Readers’ Inbox. Among many other opinions, he or she claimed that gay people want to indoctrinate children in grade schools. He or she also claimed that Marx intended to eliminate God, Mother, Dad, Child, family and Christianity. He correctly said the American middle class does not support Marxist ideology. Yet he doesn’t seem to know that Marx did not outlaw religion.

The government taxed many wealthy people by establishing high tax rates in the 1950s. But their taxes did help  the middle class grow! Democrats backed labor unions and created social safety nets, allowing more of the middle class to earn college degrees and live comfortable lives. Yes, few members of the middle class supported Communism or socialism, nor do they now. However, the middle class truly flourished under Democrats.

About Liberals and LGBT people: Liberals acknowledge that being gay is not a pathological condition! Rather, they listen to doctors and scientists whose research proves everyone inherently deserves the same rights which all human beings share. Dems also rail against reactionary propaganda i.e. (that being gay or transgender is somehow a voluntary choice)? And, despite extreme claims from right wing ideologues and self- righteous people who believe gay people are trying to make everyone become gay, decades of scientific research have determined that gay people are no better, and no worse, than heterosexuals – even when it comes to commiting crimes, (including sex crimes)! Furthermore, gay people are not insisting that everyone must be like them! They just want to live their lives without fear of attacks from misinformed conservatives, who apparently feel threatened whenever gay people assert their basic human rights. So, who then are the real perpetrators?

Those who voted for Trump seem to believe Trump stands against gay people. So, why don’t any Trump supporters remember what Trump’s initial  thoughts about the LGBT community were?

About the alleged stealing of the 2020 elections by Dems – What did Trump’s own hand-picked Attorney General, William Barr, say about this big lie?

Finally, Who  did Mitch McConnell say incited the Jan 6 insurrection? Watch this more than 20 minute video of Mitch discussing the Jan 6, insurrection and who caused it: c-span.org/video/?c4946114/minority-leader-mcconnell-president-trump-practically-morally-responsible-january-6-attack-capitol.

About the person who sent me a letter and  accused me of being defensive – why is he or she afraid to put their own name and address on the envelope? He or she has (my) address, yet they won’t return the favor? However, if Republican legislators were able to choose who gets their state’s electors, would they expect Democrats not to fight back?

Such a move is typical of faux Communist countries like Russia, where somehow Putin gets more than 90% of the vote in every election, every single time. HMMM?

Peter W. Johnson
Superior, Wisconsin

He’s been ‘thinking’!

As a former school teacher, a U. S. Army veteran and a NRA member, my heart was sad about the Uvalde, Texas school shooting. My sadness has been worsened by our terrible, liberal, socialist Democrat politicians. It starts with Biden the day after the tragedy in his address to the nation. He started with maybe 30 seconds about the victims and consoling the parents. Then he immediately started his ranting and yelling against the gun lobby (NRA) and moved on to bashing the gun manufacturers. When will he bash the automakers whose products kill tens of thousands more than guns?

Next, how about that great Texas governor candidate, Beto ‘O Dork yelling at Governor Abbott’s press conference concerning Uvalde? What a complete moron! I believe Pelosi, Schumer and many other Democrats demanded gun “control.” These politicians know they have zero positive platforms for the 2022 mid-terms. So, they first started with the abortion issue Roe vs. Wade (the leaker has to be a Democrat) and now on the souls of 19 children demanding gun “control”! Remember, a parent of one of the Parkland school shootings stated right away that it is not about gun control but about safety in our schools

 In closing, I have been thinking about this for some time but here is my closing statement, Democrats are terrible politicians and very terrible people! And now the January 6 committee (known as the Barnum & Bailey circus).

Chuck Bracken
Cannon Falls, Minnesota