Letters Dec. 30, 2021

It’s only treason

The Jan. 6, 2021, House committee on insurrection is beginning to present the hard evidence that is proving what most of us in the world have been observing with our own eyes the past 5 years. Humans come together for common well-being, safety, security.  People don’t survive well as individuals.  Badgers may operate well alone, but even wolves must form packs.  No one could live with a badger.

Here we’ve chosen democracy.  We’re like a large corporation, where every person is a member of the board of directors.  By our vote, we hire people to operate our democracy for us.  It’s a hired job, and we pay them.  We temporarily loan them the use of some of our power, for the good of all, to be returned upon demand.

Mr. Trump and his supporters never understood this. We’ve hired someone else for the next 4 years. But he feels the job is his forever, and continues fighting and weakening democracy for all of us, even his supporters, to subvert by treason the political-social organization we the people have formed.  His political sycophants attempt to destroy our democracy. What flag will they follow? Certainly not the Stars and Stripes. They’re not worthy.

Imagine what he might’ve accomplished if he’d simply done the job, and fought against our two greatest current threats, climate destruction and the pandemic. Instead, he continues fighting for himself alone, by hook or by crook. Or both. The human-altered climate has just wiped out large areas of Kentucky and surrounding states, killing many. U.S. has currently lost 800,000 people to the pandemic, soon to hit 1 million.

It’s sad thinking how much good he could’ve done, if he’d have fought as hard for us as he does for himself.  That was his job, and he failed.  “You’re fired!”

A. Martin
Merrifield, Minnesota

More isn’t better

Dark capitalism and cynicism hold hands openly. The seeds of cynicism are planted and stoked by misinformation and lies to seduce the uninformed and trusting souls. The master game is ingenious and insidious.

Practitioners view words as weapons to deceive and entrap the unsuspecting.

Now, dark capitalism is alive and well as “dark money” flows and is impenetrable. The old adage of “more is better” in capitalism is problematic.

Like cancer. The idea of more is better, referring to cancer cells, could be a death warrant.

Gerald Norrgard
Duluth, Minnesota