Letters Dec. 23, 2021

Free to know

Banning books has always had a troublesome past. We’ve learned it can lead to burning books and we know that story well.

James Joyce had to leave Ireland and Thomas Mann left Germany for here.

I remember an incident around 1959 when, in 11th grade I went to study hall, which was my favorite hour. I picked up a frayed paperback off a desk top with the title Naked Lunch, which intrigued me. I dipped in it and was drawn in. William Burroughs was the author and my well-read English teacher had never heard of him or the book. So, I later learned that the book was considered obscene by others and wanted it banned. It was fought all the way up tot he Supreme Court, where it was defended by known writers like Norman Mailer.

The Supreme Court ruled it wasn’t obscene at all but was puzzled by the title and what it meant. They learned that “Naked Lunch” referred to the morning newspaper and reading the headlines.

Gerald Norrgard

The homeless are still with us

I am very disappointed that we have so many homeless people during awful winter weather. I remember telling my former Catholic Bishop Daniel Schwietz many years ago that the churches should house them in their halls, which are seldom used, by putting sleeping cots and/or mattresses on the floors. Also, we retired parishioners could prepare food in the kitchens. It would be very Christian thing that Jesus did during His Public Life. He said, “If we have two shirts and our neighbor does not, give him/her one. He helped the poor and the sick.

Bishop Schwietz told me that he would consider my proposal, but he must have forgotten it after he became Archbishop of Alaska. We have had four other bishops after him, but they did not take up my proposal either. Instead, about half of Catholics and almost 100 percent of Evangelical Christians have been voting for candidates who are supporting tax cuts for billionaires and millionaires and voting against the indigent people. The super-rich have had their taxes reduced by 79 percent since President Reagan and the nation is borrowing money from China and other sources.

Jesus is coming and He is not happy!

Best wishes for holidays and have a healthy new year!

Mike Jaros