Letters Oct. 7, 2021

Speaker Vos Vote Fraud

Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, former judge Michael Gableman and Donald Trump are pretending there was election fraud in Wisconsin in 2020. Vos, so far, has authorized about $700,000, paid with Wisconsinites taxes, to fund Gableman’s private investigation of the 2020 election. Trump lost that election in Wisconsin by more than 20,000 votes. Wisconsin has had honest elections with little or no voting irregularities for mor than 100 years. 2020 was no exception. There have already been recounts and investigations in Wisconsin that have determined the election was honest and the outcome was accurate. Lawsuits about the election brought by Trump were dismissed as having no merit by courts all over the nation.

But Donald Trump has been raising money for himself by pretending there was widespread vote fraud in 2020. In Arizona millions of dollars from pro-Trump groups have been spent to uncover vote fraud in 2020. Yet these investigations determined the election results were accurate. Trump is instigating investigations in Texas and Pennsylvania as well. These investigations are designed to keep the fable of 2020 vote fraud alive, cast aspersions on honest election officials who conducted a free and fair election during a pandemic, and cast doubt on the honesty of future elections.

If Vos and Gableman want to investigate an honest election once again they should use Trump’s money, or their own. Better yet they should stop helping Trump lie about the 2020 election. You can call Speaker Vos toll-free at 888-534-0063 to express your opinion.

Cindy Dillenschneider
Washburn, Wisconsin


Social distance
Wash your hands
Always wear a mask.
Things to do,
Each a selfless task;
These are helpful
And lifesaving,
As every
Expert mentions.
If only some
Would mask their face
Like they mask
Political intentions.

Bud Brand
Superior, Wisconsin

Irony of ironies

The Democrats impeached Donnie twice. No conviction. The one who has truly earned impeachment is lawless Joey.

Biden accused Trump of being Putin’s puppet. Truth is, Trump put more sanctions upon Russia (because of Putin’s incursions into Crimea and Ukraine) than any other president. The real Putin puppet is Biden, who illegally axed the XL pipeline and who is supporting Putin’s fossil fuel carbon-spewing pipeline into Germany. Ironic, eh?

It’s Joey who is kowtowing to Vladimir. Biden has lessened U.S. sanctions on Russia and Joey has shown weakness in his dealings with Vlad. Ironic.

The Biden Afghanistan bug-out means China, Iran and Russia will fill the void, becoming evermore influential n that region and thwarting our interests there to bring peace and stability.
The Tramp administration was bedeviled by Democrats who falsely claimed Trump was psychologically unfit to be president. They repeatedly called for invoking of the 25th Amendment. Biden has mindlessly (the operative word here) attempted to overturn all Trump policies. Except when it comes to Afghanistan, Joey claims he’s simply implementing Donnie’s pullout from Afghanistan. Irony of ironies. Another Biden lie.

Trump haters, with their scurrilous lying about Trump, wanted the longtime government appartchik Biden to be president. And now we have Lyin’ Biden. Joe lies and people die. Biden’s nearly 50-year long “service” in government has served him well! His years in government are strewn with lies. Big time. Daily lies are now the norm from Joey as he “spins” to us his appeasement policies re Afghanistan. So ironic that Joey is the serial liar, our proud, smart-alecky, vain liar-in-chief. Biden excoriated Trump for not playing well with our allies. But it is Joey that left our allies in the lurch in Afghanistan. At a recent virtual G-7 meeting Biden claimed our allies were all in agreement with Biden’s Aug. 31 pullout deadline. Our allies are furious about that latest Biden lie. Surprise! Biden’s ironic lies. Irony upon irony.

Gregg Schweiger
Duluth, Minnesota

Sound bites

The Supreme Court is a poor “soundbite.” The title is deceptive and ambiguous. It even evokes religious overtones. It’s a tight fraternal order with some ambiguity to boot. With new blood implanted the mood has shifted to tightening the screws and appeasing the powers that may be.

Gerald Norrgard
Duluth, Minnesota