Gemini, the quintessential human sign

Lady  Ocalat

May 20-June 20

Gemini is the quintessential human sign, for it seems to sum up qualities that are the distinguishing hallmarks of the human race ... intelligence (Gemini is an air sign), adaptability (Gemini is a mutable sign), and communicativeness (Gemini is ruled by Mercury).
Gemini people don’t just sit back and watch the world go by…they are curious about everything and must be part of the busy scene. If all the world’s a stage, Gemini is the actor on that stage ... think Marilyn Monroe, Clint Eastwood, and Bob Hope…(all Geminis). Unlike Leo, who wants to be the star, Gemini wants to play all the parts, and be the director, the producer, and the stagehand!

Gemini is the epitome of the split personality: bright, communicative, and sociable one minute; distracted and offhand the next. That’s not to say all Geminis are Jekyll-and-Hydes, but this sign embodies the duality of human nature the most. This explains the symbol of the Twins. Gemini must bridge the opposite within itself: light and dark, intuition and reason, the mind and the emotions, the spiritual and the material.

As a classic example of this, I give you the Marquis de Sade (a Gemini). Known for his libertine sexuality, he of course, couldn’t leave it there…he expanded into depraved, erotic works, blatant pornography and sexual fantasy with an emphasis on immorality and sadism….sorta sounds like a Catholic Priest…funny, he even wrote blasphemously against that very church and its depravity as well.

Another great dual personality Gemini is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator and writer of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries... Sherlock….who some say embodies all the Gemini traits of Doyle himself, helped to revolutionize the forensics field----bringing to light intuition and reason in a crime scene investigation. Holmes wrestles with his mind and his emotions and exemplifies the struggling Gemini nature, caught between worlds of logic and reason and feeling like he doesn’t belong.

Gemini’s fickle nature also tends to arouse unexpected anger in others, the depth of which Geminis often misjudge. A great example of this is George Bush, reviled and hated by many…misunderstood and demonized by the rest. The internet is, and was, ablaze with stories about the man that were largely untrue, and unresearched, but the notions stuck, because of his attitudes and demeanor…his cavalier nature and inability to express himself well enough to his detractors.

If George Bush were writing this next part, it would go something like this:
“Geminators have the gift of gab. They can sometimes be fast talkers and can easily pull the wool out of your eyeballs using their astute verbal trickification.”

Poor George….a Gemini in training.

This Air sign is a free spirit trapped in the physical world. Marilyn Monroe embodied this fragility…this temporary impermanence. As if we all knew she wouldn’t be with us long…same holds true of John F. Kennedy, a reformer, an idealist, a Gemini multi-tasker…eloquent and charming…a classic!
The eternal child is an apt description of the Gemini nature…think Gene Wilder and the Willy Wonka character.

“There is no life I know to compare with pure imagination.”

“We are the music makers…and we are the dreamers of dreams.”
Willy Wonka (Gene Wilder)

Their positive thirst for knowledge and childlike curiosity keeps the Gemini young at heart even when they grow old. Bob Hope, the comedian, is a great example…entertaining us for decades..still lampooning politics and our society’s idiosyncrasies. Some Geminis remain childish throughout their lives, refusing to grow up and take responsibility for themselves…this can result in addictions and the feeling of being “stuck” in the past…the “glory” days so to speak.

Judy Garland struggled with this during her entire, troubled career…ever stuck in the public’s vision of her as the dreamer Dorothy Gale in The Wizard of Oz.
Gemini is the sign of relationships, and because they are born under the sign of the Twins, Geminis may spend their whole lives searching for a soul mate, never realizing that the person they are looking for is inside them. This truly is the story of Dorothy. All she needed to do was want to go home, but she had to KNOW that inside herself. This is the conundrum for this particular sign of the zodiac. Not ones to question their own motives, it often takes a difficult or painful experience to force them to look at and become conscious of their own intentions. The challenge for Gemini is to combine their rational mind with their intuitive faculties, so that they are drawing to the full on all of their mental abilities.

Even though Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created Sherlock Holmes and revolutionized the field of crime scene investigations…he also believed in fairies. The Cottingley Fairy photographs involved in the famous 1917 hoax caused Doyle to spend millions promoting fairies. He even wrote a book about them in 1921 called “ The Coming of the Fairies” to try to authenticate their existence.

I close with that bit of information to let you know that the true Gemini is a complex individual…torn between the duality of his nature….but what a beautiful humanity to that very being. A scientist with a soul.
GOOD DAYS: May 28, 29

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