Somehow the Big Lie continues and now we have restrictive voting laws in many states. Minnesota New Conservative Neanderthal Party (NCNP) members, formerly the Republicans, want that to happen here as well, just to provide “a little more trust” in our election system.

Some of these folks will say the measures are the result of “outright voter fraud” while others couch the idea in a more subtle notion, saying voters “have questions about the legitimacy and integrity” of our elections and thus should have “more transparency” in the system.

Of course many of us know quite well that the idea of voter fraud is the fraud.

Apparently many NCNP members didn’t notice that the 2020 election, from national, state and local levels, came off without a hitch or a hint of overt voter fraud such as bad actors raising the dead so they can vote. Maybe those voter worrywarts back in the heady days of early January didn’t notice the false narrative about the hidden ballots in the van of an appliance technician in Texas who was nearly killed when vigilante self chosen election officials figured he was the kingpin of a voter fraud ring. The vigilante self chosen election officials ran the technician off the road in the early morning hours and pulled weapons only to find tools and appliance supplies in the van. The missing ballots were missing.

That was another part of the Big Lie that has ramifications beyond the simple lie fostered by Donald Rumpt.

Probably time the secretaries of state in all fifty states get together, along with thousands of election officials who worked the election, and have a reckoning with the country and the deniers.

The 2020 election was secure. After all the counting was done, after all the recounts were done, all fifty secretaries of state, all fifty of them, certified the results. Election integrity was upheld.

The Big Lie is the fraud.

In case you haven’t heard, Arizona state senate NCNP members last month subpoenaed the state election commission to hand over 2.1 million votes from Maricopa County, which includes Phoenix, and have yet another recount, this time done by a company called CyberNinja, whose CEO has blatantly called the election fraudulent. Rumpt heard that news and gleefully went to the golf course where he promptly cheated on his scorecard. He is a 2-handicap golfer, you know, even though his last score reported to the PGA for handicap verification was a 96, according to sports writer Rick Reilly who a couple of years ago wrote “Commander in Cheat: How golf explains Trump.”

Like I said, a guy who cheats on his wives, his taxes and golf should not be in the business of calling elections fraudulent.

But he has. And people believe him. Or at least believe he believes it so why not believe him?

The Big Lie.

I’m no election expert but if you want to make things easier for voters why not just hand out a voter registration card for everyone over 18 years old who has a social security number. Register everyone—bingo. Let the experts decide how to manage the system, you know, deciding who might be a serial liar, a tax cheat, a guy who cheats on his wives and cheats at golf.

Take down the roadblocks to vote and make it simple. Kind of like it was before the NCNP minions drank the Kool-Aid of the Big Lie.