Letters Feb. 18, 2021

Fear is the mind killer

For your information, I had the virus. Early October. Worse than any flu I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a number of them. I don’t know what the doctors gave me, but I was only in the hospital in Duluth for 3 1/2 days.

Unlike one of my younger brothers who was so sick, they had him under sedation, on a respirator for 2 or 3 weeks, and weren’t certain he’d live. When he finally came out of it, his kidney function had decreased to 20% of normal, there was water around his lungs, and his heart was also affected. He was also dealing with CoPD damage to his lungs from years of working in the mines. And he could walk only with help. (Apparently, the virus exacerbates all the physical issues a person has.)

Last Thursday, while sitting on the edge of his bed, in a nursing home in Fargo, he just slumped over and died.  It may have been for the best, because he had no desire to live as he was.

Do I think the virus is real? What do you think? Will the vaccinations help?  I hope so. Given my physical issues, I’ve already gotten the first shot.

The thing that bothers me about most claims like the ones Gary Kohls (Limbaugh, Trump and others) make, is no one ever says they might be wrong. In essence, all these claims are meant to frighten and control people, as much as what the Nazis did. They have just created a different “enemy” for people to fear. 

As with everything else, fear is the real enemy, not people who are “different,” which is what ALL fear-based personalities are preaching.  (Anyone who challenges a dogmatic or demagogic thinker, is automatically defined as being “different,” and many times ends up being ostracized by those who buy into the “dogma.”)

Instead of preaching and teaching fear, why don’t we teach kids and adults, how to think critically, and act assertively, early in schools, and in whatever classrooms are available?  To me, that would limit or eliminate, most, if not all of the fear, kids and others are socialized to believe in.  I believe this would also limit or eliminate the actions that fear creates, (such as is being exhibited by authoritarian, or white supremacist leaders and followers.) 

I have no problem when people are concerned about issues and situations.  But no one helps who supports anyone, being afraid of anything. Fear is THE mind-killer for ALL of us.

Gary Burt
Marble, Minnesota

Courage wore a mask

The coronavirus
struck fear
the hearts of men,
was arrested,
saw an opening,
and then
attacked again.
For there were those
who couldn’t/wouldn’t
take it seriously,
and their
caused results
developed deliriously.
Normal times
could not return,
was taken to task;
at last a hero
came to the rescue
when courage
donned a mask.

Bud Brand
Superior, Wisconsin

Come clean

I came, I saw, and was tricked. Now the bubble has burst. It’s time to recollect my legacy.
The ride has been rough, with obstacles and pitfalls. Along the way I was hired to be a leader, but only knew how to be an enforcer. I called the shots and my obedient teammates backed me.
I was programmed from an early age that winning wasn’t everything, but the only thing. My gut instincts were honed and sharp. I was going places. I pushed the right buttons, chased a few skirts for kicks and aimed for the throne. I weaseled my way in through deception, empty promises and fake bravado. It might be too late to claw my way back, so my epitaph will read, “All or Nothing.” Tyrant - Don Trump.

You bet.

Gerald Norrgard
Duluth, Minnesota