Apple bobbing in the pit

Harry Drabik

Ideas pop up. An icy covering only slows and delays them.

I’ve found that periodically reminding myself I’m a plain old bastard is one way to keep me from thinking I’m Virgin born. Maybe I need to do more reminding.

A unique flavor experience can be had by adding a quarter cup of vinegar to a strawberry malt. Am I right?

A wry thought; the perfection of diversity is conformity.

I heard an acting person (how’s that for correctness) say in interview they were not trying to make great art. I had to applaud their success, but even more admire the wisdom of aiming for the far horizon of kneecaps.

As a small child I learned that by agreeing and behaving I made the lives of big people much easier. That summary remains true with age.

Agree with retribution because if you don’t there will be retribution.

A former student thought I’d be fascinated to learn how very-very much pot he smoked and how totally-totally loaded that student was in class. Contrary to the past learner’s hopes I was not fascinated. Old news is not compelling when it’s an obvious repeat of nothing new.

When did it become a “courtesy call” for someone I don’t know to call interrupting and trying to sell me something I don’t need or want?

I recently read a local news article that planted a biased conclusion in the first paragraph.

I remember scorning when the Reagan administration called the ketchup in school lunches a vegetable. That now seems somewhat comically reasonable compared to legalizing more drugs as a response to addiction problems.

Damn it’s annoying to agree with Hitler. He said people want to be lied to. And damn me if they don’t, and with the relish of teenage lusts.

If “old biddy” be objectionable is young biddy acceptable? Just wondering.

Why is there never a shortage of those who know what others should believe or how they should behave?
Finding joy in the discomfort of others is to be pitied, or in this case pitted.

One can’t court unreason expecting it to become reasonable.

Questionable compromise. The cannibals agree to eat only those who are dead.

A matching compromise; cannibals vow to never eat anyone over 120 years of age.

If someone snaps at you saying “Why are you such a smart ass” you might reply “It’s easy when you’re being such a dumb ass.” Such balances in nature are things of sublime beauty

Reflect on the ancients’ belief that actors (later including troubadours) and prostitutes were low people because they cultivated falseness of person by taking money to play roles. As democracy developed politicians were added I suspect for similar reasons. Of the three prostitutes are seen as the more honest, or at least more reliable. Actors fall nearer the middle. That leaves politicians doesn’t it?

Willingness to believe in or say the worst of others is either cynical reality or questionable habit. It becomes a bad habit when applied pleasurably and with bias meant to harm others.

I heard a friend of someone decided to call its dog a miracle cat because they barked.

Some groups might can be creatively called a silliness of people as accurate description.

Over time one learns the hard way that sometimes a textbook case turns out to be no more than a box load of miscellaneous books.

The problem with Deer Crossing signs rests in the lack of reading programs for deer. We have, do we not, many dear party members well suited to gainful employment as deer instructors.

The absolute surest way to eliminate all traffic violations is to remove speed limits, stop signs, and lights, etc. Nothing can be violated if there’s nothing to violate.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the event in January will be the first razor wire Inauguration. I sincerely and fervently wish it is the last of its kind.

Democracy debates and argues. Kingdoms rule and fight.

Know anyone who has gone out of their way to assure you “Hey, man, I used a LOT, and look at me. I turned out fine.” Does any of them actually think others need to be told they are old school stoners?

Seemed fairly obvious all along, well, except to them maybe. Good thing about aging drunks and stoners, though, only half get difficultly paranoid. I’m trying to think of another good thing.

I’ve known quite a few people who need to be agreed with. I suppose they go by the principle either you’re with me or against me. Annoying, isn’t it, when someone quickly presses forth a case for judgement forcing you one side or the other. They don’t want to talk. Argue perhaps, but not talk or ask or compare views. Decide now one way or the other to settle this. Settles nothing except for lowering my regard for them. However, a bastard optimist I know has assured me fake agreement and sincerity will work most every time. Even better, non-politicians can master this skill with little training, reserving it for use to get out of unpleasant situations rather than to sustain them.

I’ve made the argument and will make it again. Better to have a single deity remote and far away in Olympian, heavenly paradise than have hundreds here on earth claiming the same divine right to rule and reign. It’s not whether God or Gods exist that concerns me so much as when one of the earth-bound versions sets up shop nearby.

I hate flawed comparisons such as equating the American Revolution rebelling (taxation was only part of it) against the power and wealth of the noble class with power and wealth concentrated in business or political classes instead. The nobility lived separated from and looking down on the commoner, something business and political elites would ever do. Yes, I hate such comparisons though at times I question beneficence moving more surely from the bottom upward than coming from above.