Letters Jan. 28, 2021

Stauber and his comrades

You, and your fellow Republicans spent four years watching Trump tell more than 29,000 lies, and did and said nothing – because it kept you in power. You had the chance to impeach him, and you and your fellow Republicans did nothing, again because it helped you stay in power.  And during the impeachment trial, you and your fellow Republicans told all kinds of lies and half truths, to muddy the waters, and blunt or change the focus of the charges, again so you could stay in power.

And when the President went golfing five times, and held eight rallies during the first month or two of the COVID virus pandemic, you and your comrades said and did nothing. 

I could fill this page, and many others about your failures to do and say anything truthful about Trump, in your quest to maintain and increase your power in government. I could,  BUT WHAT’S THE POINT? 
You already know everything I might say. And you and your comrades will never admit to the whole, unvarnished truth because of how it would make you appear to your constituents.

Keeping power, and winning at any cost, is the bottom line, isn’t it.  The end always justifies the means, no matter how deceitful you have to be. You’re always willing to tell the part of the truth that makes you look good, or, at least, doesn’t make you look bad – just like Donald J. Trump, right! Because your fear, and your ego are involved, you love the lie that saves your pride, but NEVER the unflattering truth. 

You love the lie that allows you to control how well you’re thought of by your base, but never the unflattering truth about how many mistakes you make as a human being. And this is why you and your comrades will never change.

Obama had the courage to publicly admit to more mistakes in his eight years as President than I suspect you have in your entire career as a “public servant.” 

Robert Kennedy wrote “Few are willing to brave the disapproval of their peers, the censure of their colleagues, the wrath of their society.  ‘Moral courage’ is a rarer commodity than bravery in battle, or great intelligence.  Yet, it is the one essential, vital quality (necessary) for those who seek to change a world that yields most painfully, (grudgingly, and slowly) to change.”

Who do you seek to change, Mr. Stauber? Would it be everyone, but yourself, because you don’t think you need to change anything about yourself?

In playing the game of “politics,” as you’ve learned to play it, moral courage is the essential quality you lack. Along with your fellow Minnesota House Republicans, (Emmer, Fischbach and Hagedorn,) it’s also the quality you’re afraid to admit you need the most.

Gary Burt
Marble, Minnesota

So disrespectful of Trump

Hello I’m a frequent reader of your newspaper. I have to say I’m disappointed in Jan. 21, 2021 edition front cover. You insult President Trumps “Make America Great Again” with Biden's picture. That’s wrong and disrespectful, but that’s how the left are. Have no respect for their country or their people. Needless to say i am no longer going to read this paper of disrespectful human beings.

Michelle Rodberg
Eveleth, Minnesota