2020 NUFA political alerts now underway

Forrest Johnson

The National Union of Friendly Americans (NUFA) has begun to issue political alerts for potential voters as another voting cycle approaches, with election day a mere month away and early voting underway.

We figure we just need that extra time to remind folks of what an election is all about and what an election isn’t about. Be very wary of elections we are told.

Not that we’re against elections here at NUFA. We just feel that elections as we imagine them, elections of the people, for the people and by the people, are quite a nostalgic and lost tradition here in the good old USA.

No matter that faux billionaires like Donald V. (for vengeance) Rumpt are emphasizing they have the right to spread fear about voting and election fraud. Spreading fear is the number one issue for Rumpt, the chicken law and order guy. NUFA understands that particular and peculiar supreme class of Americans is still pulling the strings of this economocracy.

Just for that NUFA hopes to alert not only the adult voter of this fact, we hope to alert every child of the country, those future voters and caretakers of the democracy, that they’re getting screwed by the top one-one hundredth of the population when it comes to income.

We want every little tyke to earn those first important words of their lives, mom and dad, but we also are working hard to plug that other important word into their little minds — ECONOMOCRACY — so they can recognize that they’re getting screwed before we have to tell them they’re in for a life of uphill battles as the robber barons and their minions in the New Conservative Neanderthal Party (NCNP), formerly the Republicans, work to keep them from representation on the job, from fair wages and health care, from a healthy environment, from a fair retirement somewhat like past generations earned and now we’ve lost.

We want that little St. Leo, precocious but fair and kind, a regular kid, to tell his mom that the ECONOMOCRACY is no way to run a society built on democratic ideals.
We want little St. Leo’s mommy to tell all her friends so proudly that one of the first words out of her little son’s mouth after mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, was ECONOMOCRACY.

By golly, we just feel it’s that important a word, ECONOMOCRACY, and we know that you will too once the populace fully understands what’s happened to the Republic we once said the Pledge of Allegiance to. Minus, of course, the part about “One Nation Under God” snuck in there by the rightwingers in the 1950s who saw a communist behind every bush, that is. NUFA just doesn’t think it’s right to go changing stuff like the Pledge of Allegiance on a whim, fueling fear and distrust, running scared and getting everybody else worked up as well.

We seem to be living in that kind of time right now, with plenty of people all scared of the boogeyman taking away our country, all scared of the pushers of the science of climate change, all afraid that the ECONOMOCRACY will crumble if we admit that we’ve pumped pollution into the land, water and air as we’ve built the ECONOMOCRACY that’s supplanted the democracy we once idealized. We can’t stop now, they worry, or the ECONOMOCRACY will fail and leave us without the jobs that provide few benefits and the highest health care costs in the world and food that’s grown on an industrial scale all full of stuff like calcium propionate and calcium disodium EDTA and the artificial flavors we’ve grown to love.

Those people who mistakenly believe the ECONOMOCRACY is the DEMOCRACY worry that bad people, the progressives and lefties and NUFA, are trying to take all that away but they won’t go down without a fight to cut taxes, protect the Second Amendment and balance the budget on the backs of the poor!

That’s why NUFA has pledged to tell the people not to be scared.

NUFA will warn the population that the masters of the ECONOMOCRACY have us right where they want, fearful and scared of the boogeyman and willing to vote against their own best interests.

NUFA will chase away the boogeyman.

NUFA vows that the boogeyman won’t come back unless we as a people forget that keeping a free and open society is a lifetime task, one of vigilance but one of friendship not fear.

This has been an early 2020 NUFA political alert.