The children will be taught patriotism every day

Forrest Johnson

Well, the fireworks have faded, the parades and false patriotism have ended at the fragile ego of Donald V. (for vengeance) Rumpt. Now it’s down to the real business of inciting fear in the hearts of the followers.

In the halls of the National Archives a dark message was delivered this past week by Mr. Liar and Cheat. It was an ominous message that echoed in the hall, a very dark and menacing theme delivered like an old black and white horror film, all full of shadows and a monster lurking nearby.

His tone was somber.
His tone was fearful.
His tone was bleak.

He told us all not too worry, however, because he wouldn’t allow the bad guys to screw up his American Dream any longer. No, he was going to put a stop to the lies and deceit, to the propaganda that has crept in from the left. He promised that our children will no longer be subjected to a history that corrodes the will of the people, turns them from a free people to one enslaved by radicals, socialists and communists.

He promised those very bad people, like late historian Howard Zinn, would never tear down America and poison the minds of its people. No longer would the New York Times and it’s Pulitzer Prize winning 1619 Project roam across the landscape to deceive young minds with the study of fake history.

Yes, our president promised to create a commission, the 1776 Commission, to wipe away the all the bad things people have said about our country forever because we are a perfect people. The bad people will be turned to stone and never again threaten our way of life.

We will teach a patriotic history, one with marching bands and parades and fireworks galore because that is who we are. Forget all the bad news. Only print the good news.

Yes, we will put our best foot forward and re-imagine the massacres of native peoples and centuries of slavery, will re-imagine the massacres of working people who struck for fair wages and better working conditions.

We will re-imagine Jim Crow and pollution so bad that rivers caught fire. We will re-imagine voter suppression. We will re-imagine everything bad that has happened in our history and make up a new history that never did anything wrong.

Okie-dokie, Mr. Liar and Cheat.

I thought it interesting that he mentioned Howard Zinn, a man who flew bomber missions in World War II and became a social activist, a man who was imprisoned for civil disobedience, a historian who delved into the darker chapters of our history, the darker chapters mostly forgotten and left out of the textbooks. He pointed out the real histories of our national struggle, a struggle that continues in our effort to create “a more perfect union.”

The struggle is made worse by Mr. Liar and Cheat and his false patriotism, his fireworks and parades, his fear mongering.

Zinn wrote about the horror of war and his place in it. Rumpt, ever the patriot, had five deferments during Vietnam and did everything he could to stay the playboy during that time. I’m not quite sure why a veteran of any stripe would vote for the guy.

But that’s neither here nor there.

In the halls of the National Archives a message was put forth that we as a people will no longer discuss the issues of race, the beautiful wall will protect us from the hordes and no longer will our nation be besmirched.

Nope, that’s left for Mr. Liar and Cheat to do as he strides around looking more and more like Mussolini every day. Surround the man with flags and pageantry! I’m telling you, the man scares children and dogs.

Yes, the children will be taught patriotism every day and don’t you forget it.