The National Union of Friendly Americans – Naknek, Alaska Chapter – is somewhat out of the loop since fishing season has begun.

However, comedy of the most base quality still has a way of seeping through. Comedy of the most base quality can be hilariously funny but also tragic.

The sayings of Donald V. (for vengeance) Rumpt will go down in history as some of the most comical oral and written language of all time – and the most tragic at the same time. The guy is a boob of the first order and so nearly any statement or tweet he offers can make me laugh. I no longer cry because we will be out of this nightmare soon, unless he barricades himself in the Oval Office and refuses to leave after the election.

Yes, he may hunker down with an army helmet and his golf clubs to putt balls across the office carpet toward a “Make America a Laughing Stock” coffee cup.

People, I’ve been asking Rumpt supporters for some direction here. How does a buffoon attract so many people into such a dysfunctional camp?

When I see a vehicle with a Rumpt 2020 bumper I try to leave a NUFA card under the windshield wiper that has my phone number and an invite to call me so someone in this goofy world could explain why he represents them.

I know he’s just a symptom of the longer 30-year right wing propaganda war waged by other boobs like Rush Limbaugh but it still doesn’t explain why people could be led to pasture like a bunch of cows so easily.

I’ve always understood as a journalist and columnist that kicking people in the shins with your opinion rarely changes one’s world view but this has presidency has been a farce. He rails against immigrants and talks about building a wall to keep everybody out.

What an idea. A free country with a wall around it. Does that make sense? What kind of free people wall themselves in?

There’s been a rampant run against the environment and the natural world, against the lungs and blood of the planet.

Rumpt’s nearest approximation and understanding of the natural world is the manicured and fertilized grounds of his golf courses.

The fight to protect the earth from people like Rumpt will soon be waged by our children and grandchildren. Being a hopeless optimist I believe the people will prevail against the believers in the almighty dollar, will move the world along a more sustainable route.

Much has been done in the past 50 years, step by step, to protect the planet from those who don’t seem to care but we now need to make it leap by leap, there is an urgency today to make the changes.

Of course in the face of social and racial injustice Rumpt is now the law and order president, a chicken tough guy who will put protest and protesters in their place.
His supporters as a whole feel they are the victims of an unfair system trying to take away their patriotism and religion and way of life. Victims! You can’t even have a confederate statue in your backyard anymore, can’t fly the confederate flag even though you live in places like northern Minnesota.

What would people in northern Minnesota have to do with the confederacy and the war over slavery? Does free speech mean you can say or do something demeaning to others? 

Yes, that northern fellow with the confederate decal in the back window of his truck is a rebel, a rabble rouser, a don’t-tell-me-what-to-think kind of guy.

There’s no racism intended in the symbol of the battle flag of the confederacy during a war to keep the republic and live up to the creed that all men are equal. There’s no racism intended in the fact that if the war had been lost slavery would have endured.
Problem is that guy has been bamboozled into thinking he’s a victim and that his way of life is threatened, so he has his gun ready for those socialists and a changing demographic that want to take away what he has.

Rumpt feeds that growing paranoia like a carnival barker.

I’m sorry, from day one I looked at his facial expressions and his rally cries and I thought that guy looks just like Benito Mussolini with a flap of hair.

The late John Prine opened a concert in Duluth in fall of 2017 by calling Rumpt Benito Trumpolini and the crowd roared. Right on, John. I miss you and your songs of protest and the human condition.

I think about people like John Prine, people who give something to us. Then I think of Rumpt, a person who doesn’t give anything to anyone, who takes rather than gives.

I’m laughing to keep from crying.