The concept of privilege is interestingly useful. Others turn to and honor the concept with gratifying frequency, so why not try my hand?
Are you privileged having a private yard, especially with its own tree? Does owning a mower add privilege?
Who is better off, the person taking private transportation to work or the one with a short walk to public transit?
What is more privileged, a family home for four or a trendy loft for two?
Does a privileged hair style cost more than $25?
Where is the greater privilege? Is it ordering in, taking out, driving in, or a meal from scratch in your own kitchen?
Are cell phones a human right or a privilege?
Having a PhD would no longer be a privilege if we were all given one at birth.
More people can be privileged medical specialists if requirements are changed to suit their needs.
I’ve enjoyed the privilege being called a dumb Polack. I bet you won’t guess where that happened last.
Shouldn’t prisoners enjoy the privilege of stating a gender choice in order to get better accommodation in jail?
Which is more privileged, fishing in public water or skateboarding a public street?
What has more privilege, an elevator in a new apartment building or one-level housing?
Is privilege the political equivalent of the doctrine of original sin? (Note: Contemporary students might not know of earlier concepts, a sure sign of activism in education. I call it the MOO effect in scholarship.)
Sieur du Lhut was a privileged French noble at a time France had colonies and allowed slavery. Now what?
I feel privileged to see so many comic actors in newsrooms where information is less important than putting on a lively show. That’s diversity I have to believe in.
If you travel Economy or First Class is the destination different?
How does underprivilege erase bias?
Now on broader sweeps.
I’ve been told good teachers don’t have failing students. If you look around you can see the result.
Imagine the BLM reparations plan expanded to monetary value for the unborn. Could that really be a Pro-life tactic to do in Planned Parenthood?
I’m pro union, so it’s a darn good thing the only bad unions are the police ones.  
Do open borders mean not locking houses and cars, too?
If the left panders and the right postures then nothing much happens for the middle.
Some heroes inspire achievement. Others can make you think “why bother?”
Can a person be bigoted about bigotry?
Notice internet information searches often bring up sites trying to sell you something, private media doing public service for pay, just like government.
Are ten idiots ten times better than one or is it a miraculous case of ten equaling one?
Low calorie means you should eat more of it. They want you to. Go ahead, and it’s healthy, too.
A cashier using rubber gloves has the satisfaction of passing contaminants while keeping their hands clean and adding to the waste stream.
Who do you know to ask, “Have you always been like this or did you have to work up to it?”
If virus is like dandelions, we’re in trouble.
Throwing trash in a roadside ditch is done for free but not without cost.
Who listens to silent protest?
How does making a snack healthy drain it of taste?
Ask around. How many know the 1st Minnesota lost 80% of its members at Gettysburg? Why were they there and not home with family that July?
Adoption of the metric clock and calendar seems a long way off.
How do socialists get wealthy?
The new nitpickers supply their own nits.
Who married nit wit to nitpick?
You know you’re in for a good time when accusation and denunciation lead the parade.
What, haven’t had enough? – If you’ve never done productive work there’s a good chance the labor force doesn’t need you.
The person who starts a fire doesn’t necessarily have the ability to put it out.
Why, I ask despairingly, has no one put “Fuck the Pigs” to symphonic score? If done with the full asshole chorus it would surely challenge Beethoven’s Ninth.
If a workplace doesn’t police throwing trash on the floor how tidy will it stay?
Is a relationship made as quickly as it can be ruined? Does a society develop with the same speed it can be destroyed?
No one pays for free stuff, right?
The dumber you get the happier they be.
If justice is blind would it be better if deaf as well?
Shouldn’t Juneteenth be seven days long?
Protestors don’t seem to make good listeners.
Is a smooth dissembler better than an unpleasant realist?
Crime will be solved if made legal by licensing and certifying criminals according to their ambitions and training (or experience). Removing the police empowers (a lovely popular word) citizens to defend and protect their own lives and property. Legalized Crime can do the impossible making both the NRA and BLM happy.

Drinking alcohol deeply offends some individuals and religions. Should ordering a Pinot Noir make you a criminal or just a privileged elitist?
The distinction between ORV and OHV is lost on me, but not its poetry.
I struggle to see how unlimited immigration helps workers. I thought the shortage was jobs not consumers.
Is it too much to hope that defunding enforcement will get rid of the warning label police?
If nothing else globalists are good at disguising their larger objectives.
I heard it said that no price is too big for others to pay if it gets rid of Trump.
When did rights get detached from responsibilities and consequences?
Shouting down an opponent is not a good argument. It works, however, when we allow it.
Want to gain space in public areas? Learn the geezer cough.
I somehow see efforts at police re-form coming up with the concept of pre-murder. Nobody’ll know how to handle those calls.
I once worked for a carpenter whose best advice was, “Make it look like a carpenter did it.”