The first casualty of war is truth

(And, of course, propaganda is the first weapon used in times of war)

Gary G. Kohls, MD

When Edward Bernays (the nephew of Sigmund Freud) wrote his famous 1928 book, Propaganda, he titled the first chapter of the book “Organizing Chaos.” The quotes below are taken directly from that chapter.  

What was strikingly obvious to me in reading the book is that Bernays – in the year before the Great Wall Street Crash of 1929 - wasn’t making any effort to sugar-coat the fact that he actually believes that propaganda is an essential and desirable fact of modern life.  

(Propaganda, by the way, is the way the ruling classes get the working classes to march off to war and how the billionaire CEOs of the multinational Big Pharma, Big Medicine corporations (and Bill Gates, the CDC, the WHO, etc, etc) gets parents to willingly over-vaccinate their vulnerable, immune-compromised infants with vaccines that have never been subjected to FDA-approved, double-blind clinical trials to establish safety or efficacy, especially long-term!)  

I suspect that every corrupt crony capitalist that was responsible for the soon-to-occur 1929 Stock Market Crash and subsequent Great Depression heartily agreed with him in 1928.  

There has always been an endless series of periodic, often orchestrated, economic crashes that have always harmed workers and destroyed small businesses and the middle class. Prior to the economic crises, the elite, wealthy propagandists (recall that well-done propaganda is very expensive to do) have consistently convinced the gullible public that prosperity is going to last forever and so they should invest heavily in the stock market. Then, just before the crash, the elite propagandists short-sell the market and profit while everybody else loses.  

Propaganda has been widely used throughout history, long before Bernays wrote the book, but the propagandists usually don’t identify it as such. Propagandists prefer to use terms like “public relations,” “promotions,” “publicity,” “salesmanship,” “marketing” and “press conferences” (in order to indoctrinate journalists), when” hype,” “image management” and “manufacturing consent“ is what is being sold to the propagandees.  

Propaganda has been long used, over-used and abused in the advertising, public relations, political “science”, medical, pharmaceutical and war industries. The first overlord in ancient history eventually realized that, in order to get his obedient subjects to do what he wanted then to do - without having to resort to torture, public crucifixions, the guillotine, fines, imprisonment or various police state tactics - propaganda could be effective in getting his subjects to even ruin their lives forever by marching off to war.  

Having learned the lessons about how to rule from the first overlord, every king, dictator, president or Joint Chiefs of Staff could get their propagandized subjects to willingly send their sons off to war or at least pay the taxes required to fund the fighting. And the corrupt crony capitalist classes, the robber barons, the vulture capitalists, the Big Pharma, Big Medicine CEOs on Wall Street have found out how easy it is to freak out their potential customers over whatever ruse they can come up with so that they will willingly purchase their products and ideas.  

I hope that readers will read the following Bernays quotes and then apply them whenever there is a war threatened, whenever a politician or president is proposing new legislation or there is an possibly manufactured pandemic crisis to capitalize on:  

Probably the most telling admission from Bernays appears in the tenth paragraph of the first chapter: “…the manipulation of news, the inflation of personality, and the general ballyhoo by which politicians and commercial products and social ideas are brought to the consciousness of the masses. The instruments by which public opinion is organized and focused may be misused. But such organization and focusing are necessary to orderly life.”  

And here are more quotes from Bernays: “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.  

“We are governed, our minds molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society.”  

“Our invisible governors are, in many cases, unaware of the identity other fellow members in the inner cabinet.”  

“They govern us by their qualities of natural leadership, their ability to supply needed ideas and by their key position in the social structure. … in almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons – a trifling fraction of our hundred and twenty million – who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind…”  

“It is not usually realized how necessary these invisible governors are to the orderly functioning of our group life. In theory, every citizen may vote for whom he pleases. Our Constitution does not envisage political parties as part of the mechanism of government … But the American voters soon found that without organization and direction their individual votes, cast, perhaps, for dozens of hundreds of candidates, would produce nothing but confusion.”  

Invisible government, in the shape of rudimentary political parties, arose almost overnight. Ever since then we have agreed, for the sake of simplicity and practicality, that arty machines should narrow down the field of choice to two candidates, or at most three or four.”  

“In theory, every citizen makes up his mind on public questions and matters of private conduct. In practice, if all men had to study for themselves the abstruse economic, political and ethical data involved in every question, they would find it impossible to come to a conclusion about anything. We have voluntarily agreed to let an invisible government sift the data and high-spot the outstanding issues so that our field of choice shall be narrowed to practical proportions.”  

“From our leaders and the media they use to reach the public, we accept the evidence and the demarcation of issues bearing upon public questions; from some ethical teacher, be it a minister, a favorite essayist, or merely prevailing opinion, we accept a standardized code of social conduct to which we conform most of the time.”   

“It might be better to have, instead of propaganda and special pleading, committees of wise men who would choose our rulers, dictate our conduct, private and public, and decide upon the best types of clothes for us to wear and the best kinds of food for us to eat. But we have chosen the opposite method, that of open competition. We must find a way to make free competition function with reasonable smoothness; To achieve this society has consented to permit free competition to be organized by leadership and propaganda.”  

“As civilization has become more complex, and as the need for invisible government has been increasingly demonstrated, the technical means have been invented and developed by which opinion may be regimented.”   “With the printing press and the newspaper, the railroad, the telephone, telegraph, radio and airplanes, ideas can be spread rapidly and even instantaneously all over the whole of America.”  

“It is the purpose of this book to explain the structure of the mechanism which controls the public mind, and to tell how it is manipulated by the special pleader who seeks to create public acceptance for a particular idea or commodity.” __________________________________________________   Addendum to my “Lies, Damn Lies and COVID Statistics” column of last week, here are some up-dated statistics:   (Note again that the vast majority of COVID deaths world-wide were elderly, frail, terminally-ill and had a variety of chronic, incurable illnesses, meaning that most of them were over-medicated, over-vaccinated [and therefore immune-compromised] and living in close contact nursing homes.)   United States (Population 330,000,00) 840,000 cases, 42,300 Deaths = 13 out of every 100,000 Americans have died of COVID   Minnesota (population 5,600,000) 2,567 cases, 160 deaths = 3 out of every 100,000 Minnesotans have died from COVID   St. Louis County (population 199,000) 53 cases, 8 deaths, 3 out of every 100,000 St Louis County residents have COVID, but only 4 out of every 100,000 St Louis County residents have died of COVID   Sweden (10,000,000 Population) 16,000 cases, 1937 Deaths = 19 out of every 100,000 Swedes have died of COVID   New York State (Population 19.400,000) 213,800 Cases, 11,600 Deaths = 60 out of every 100,000 New York State residents have died of COVID   New York City (Population 8,400,000) 115,300 Cases, 10,000 Deaths = 130 out of every 100,000 New York City residents have died of COVID (meaning that 999,870 New Yorkers have not died from COVID)